G. FM Synth

FM Synthesis is a sound generation process, that produces very overtone rich and dynamic tones. The frequency of an oscillator (carrier) is modulated by a second oscillator signal (modulator) according to the formula:

Wave = Sin(w*t + Mod * Sin(w * i* t))                         (i = 1,2,3 … 8)

The generated wave contains overtones, whose intensity can be controlled by the Mod-factor, that changes during the tone.

There are different algorithm to calculate the modulation curve (constant, linear, exponential …), cooperation models (parallel, cascade) and modulator waveforms (sine, square, saw, pulse …). This algorithms are selected by the “Methode” bank.

Up to 4 operators (= carrier-modulator pairs) with slightly different frequencies (fine-tuning) can be mixed to very complex sounds.