E. Additive Synth

The basic idea of the “Additive Synthesis” is, to generate a sound wave by adding harmonic overtones (= integer multiples of a root wave). In principle every harmonic sound with any timbre can be produced this way.

But nature is a little more tricky. On one hand no sound has a constant overtone spectrum. In the most cases the higher overtones fade out faster than the lower, so that a sound start bright and ends dull.

On the other hand two or more waves with slightly different frequencies can superpose and produce nice humming interference's.

So the “Advanced Additive Synthesis” uses several (2-4) slightly detuned oscillators with fading overtone spectra to produce natural and interesting sounds.

You can set an overtone spectrum manually with the volume sliders or you can construct it by selection rules or you can generate it automatically with FFT (Fourier-Transformation) of a natural sound.