Thank you for your interest in our research! 

We are conducting research regarding the ways in which being a lawyer affects a person's argumentation style.  I am hopeful that through this research I can understand how being socialized in the traditions of law affects how a person argues.  I am looking for participants who are law students currently in their second or third year who are willing to engage in a 30-minute argument and a 10-minute survey.

Though the argument is not about a case of law, your legal knowledge will likely come in handy.  

If you agree, you will be paired with another participating law student in their second or third year who disagrees with you on the issue of capital punishment, and you will engage in 30-minute google-chat with that person.  Afterwards you will take a quick survey and be done!

The results of this research will inform how we understand the arguments of other, generally less advanced groups and help us develop curriculum that will be used in schools.  Your contribution to this effort will be considerable, and we will be very grateful.  Upon completion of the study we will give you $30 to thank you for your valuable time. 

Although the person with whom you chat will know your name, any identifying information you provide to me or within your chat (including your name and email address) will be removed by me prior to data analysis.  If you decide to withdraw from the study at any point, all related data will be destroyed.  If you are interested in the results of this work, I will be happy to provide them to you when they become available.

If you would be willing, please email your response to the following three questions to law.argument.research@gmail.com:

1)Capital punishment, also called the death penalty, is the practice of putting someone to death for committing a serious crime, like murder.  Are you FOR or AGAINST capital punishment? 
2) How sure are you of your opinion about Capital Punishment?
You can respond "Very sure," "sure," "less sure," or "not sure at all."

3) We conduct our chats via google-chat.  If you have a gmail address, great! If you do not already have one please get one-- remember you can get a gmail address and use it for only this purpose. What is your gmail address?*

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at any time.

Amanda Crowell, PhD