About Us

Laughlin Heritage Foundation (LHF), Inc. is a non-profit IRC 501(c)(3) organization established to: (1) Inform and educate the public on the important role of air power in sustaining the national security of the United States; (2) Acquire property, real or personal, which is of historical significance; and (3) Do all other things which tend to further the preservation of the heritage of Lauglin Air Force Base (AFB), TX.
Located on South Main Street across from the state and federal court houses, the LHF's museum houses interesting information about Laughlin AFB, TX and the early years of aviation in Val Verde County.  The museum houses many artifacts related to the Cold War Era Cuban Missile Crisis and includes many artifacts gifted by people who served at the base, especially the 4080th Strategic Reconaissance Wing.
The Air Force base itself is named in memory of Lieutenant Jack Thomas Laughlin (left photo), the first US Army Air Corps pilot from Del Rio, TX, to die in World War II (WW II) combat.  
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