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Historical Pictures

Up to 1959

1894: Latrobe Federal Minstrels (members of the Latrobe Federal Band)

BACK ROW: Phillip Marchant, C. Belcher, H. Webster, John Clarke, William Orr

FRONT ROW: Samuel Marchant, Henry Murray, Norman Brownrigg, Charles Trussell (Band Master), J. Clark

IN FRONT: A. Fletcher, Jabez White

1912: Burnie Contest (New Year's Day)

BACK ROW: Kent Harkness, Joseph Stebbings, John Banfield, Thomas Banfield, Athol Fisher (Drum Major), Frederick Sutton, Benjamin Hainsworth, Albert Walkley, Albert Purton (Of Hobart), Frank Barton

CENTRE ROW: Harold Lade, John Beveridge, John Hamilton, Arthur Von Schill, George Keen, Alan Murray, Clyde Harkness, George Banfield, John Bowring

FRONT ROW: James Sullivan, Andrew Ford, John Paice (Secretary), Edwin Green (Band Master), Richard Boatwright, William Davies, Joe Keen

IN FRONT: Evelyn Wright, Len Barton

c1921: Bell's Parade, Latrobe

BACK ROW: Monty Green, Albert Walkley, Ted Keen, Jack Clarke, Pat Cook, Eddie Clarke

SEATED ROW: Ish Davies, Laurie Clarke, G. Gorman, Lou Coventry (Band Master), Reg Hicks, Frederick Sutton, Digger Hicks, Mick Dutton

IN FRONT: Len Barton, Les Viney

1952: Latrobe Recreation Ground (24th February)

BACK ROW: Val Perkins (President), Eddie Clarke, Mick Dutton, Barry Webber, Len Dutton, Les Viney, Reg Hicks, Ralph Clayton, Ernest Freestone, William Lowe (Vice President)

SITTING: Neville Viney, Ish Davies, Digger Hicks, Lou Coventry (Band Master), Athol Barnard, Laurie Clarke, Trevor Hicks (Secretary)

IN FRONT: Len Barton, Darcy Smith, Errol Aherne

1959: TBL Competitions?

STANDING: Lance King, Dick King, Frank Coventry, Ted Keen, Neville Tyson, Robert Clarke, Barry Sheean (Almost Hidden), Mick Dutton, Lou Coventry (Band Master), Terry Smith, Noreen Hicks (Drum Major), Ted Hicks, Trevor Hicks, Sydney Fielding, Ish Davies, Barry Williams, Reg Hicks, Digger Hicks, Eddie Clarke, Laurie Clarke

KNEELING: Andrew Dodd, Len Barton, Ernie Shackleton, Darcy Smith (Drum Corporal), Theo Clarke


BACK ROW: Unknown, George Rudge, David Aldred, George Green, George Banfield, Benjamin Hainsworth, Percy McLaren (Band Master), Unknown, Lou Coventry, John Byrons, John Bowring, Unknown, Frederick Sutton, Robert Clarke

SEATED ROW: Harry Punshon, Lindsay McLaren, Norman Crooks, Henry Murray, Unknown, Unknown, Jolly Keam, Leslie Keam, Robert Anderson

IN FRONT: Unknown, George Banfield

(The Soldier At The Rear Is John O'Brien Of Wesley Vale)

1914: Henley-On-Mersey Parade, Gilbert Street, Latrobe.

c1926: Post Office Reserve, Latrobe

BACK ROW: Bert Hedditch, Alexander Anderson, Jack Clarke, Eddie Clarke, Frederick Sutton, Gordon Munro

CENTRE ROW: Teady Clarke, Pat Cook, Alan McAvoy, Teddy Sullivan, Laurie Clarke, Bob Flude

SEATED ROW: Les Viney, Mick Dutton, Reg Hicks, Lou Coventry (Band Master), John Hicks, Ron Viney, Roy Goodwin

IN FRONT: Frank Coventry, Fred Davies

c1955: TBL Competitions, Penguin

BACK ROW: Robert Clarke, Geoff Brown, Theo Clarke, Bill Welling (Drum Major), Len Dutton, Mick Dutton, Eddie Clarke

CENTRE ROW: Ralph Clayton, Stanley Riley, Barry Smith, Ted Hicks, Barry Sheean, Dick King, Reg Hicks

FRONT ROW: Andrew Dodd, Ish Davies, Darcy Smith, Trevor Hicks, Lou Coventry (Band Master), Terry Smith, Rex Maynard, Ernest Freestone, Digger Hicks