Here are some testimonials from our success stories:


Do you remember the rabbits who were dumped in Claremount a few months ago? Rex was an older male and we discovered he was also blind. This poor guy must have been so scared. Rex has found a wonderful home where he is safe & loved. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers and best of luck to Rex and his new family

Rehomed in Sweden - Farah, Lucky & Roxi

Farah, Lucky and Roxy all found their forever homes in Sweden.

Jackie - Indi

He is getting on great, he is so affectionate & loves his new home. He is such a pet. He even warms my bed for me!!

Mary - Riley
He is getting on great, he is so affectionate & loves his new home. He is such a pet. He even warms my bed for me!!

Bent - Harley
My name was Marley, I was renamed to Harley after the bike in our garage! I´ve been with my new family 2 years. I´m probably one of the most beautiful dogs my family has ever seen. As you can see in attached pics I love swimming specially when someone I knows is in the water. Fishing is very funny, especially when I´m allowed to play with the caught fishes. We lives approximately 500 m from the forrest so me and my family spend a lot of time there.

Aggie has settled in so well in her new home. She is spolit rotten and her new family just love her!

Aoife - Vinnie

A big hello from Vinnie!! It's been a while so I thought I'd share some pics & let you know that he's doing great! He is still super shy with other people but he loves spending time with us & is getting braver & more relaxed everyday!
Emma - Luna

Thanks again for our lovely luna. We had great fun on our first family day out with her today. Feels like shes always been with us.

Barbara - Georgie

Last February, we got Georgie from Last Hope Charity, he is the sweetest, most gentle natured dog, and he blended in with us and our existing dog Cody, They are Besties now. Thanks Last Hope Charity. - Barbara

Margo - LouLou

Here is some magic Christmas story, LouLou was dumped out of the car and left on the dark road, now she is here beside me in bed all happy and safe,we are signing adoption documents in a few days, I have dog already for the past 7 years she is my little baby girl but still enough room and love for one more...LouLou is so thankful I can tell, she loves being close, walking around us giving away kisses and cuddles...little miracle just before Christmas...the story wouldn't end if I wouldn't mention those lovely people from Last Hope Charity, they are doing such a beautiful job, wish you all a Very Happy Christmas ...hugs from LouLou as you know her well - Margo

Laura - Marshall

Marshall is doing great. He's growing into a big handsome doggie, a good faithful friend. I took these photos of him yesterday to send to you. His favourite game is playing with his footballs. Anytime you see Marshall he has one or two little balls in his mouth and all he wants is for someone to roll them for him. He rounds them up like sheep and then brings them back for more fun. We take him to puppy socialisation classes with Lydia and he loves to horse around with the bigger puppies. 

Debbie - Fred

Thought you might like to see a photo of Fred taken in September, enjoying his first holiday in the Lake District and showing off his new collar. He has just turned 12 months and is an absolute joy, keeping us all endlessly entertained with his antics! Fred is showing a great aptitude for obedience and is showing his face at the tryout for Crufts in a few weeks time with a view to an official application for Crufts 2015. We hope to start agility in the new year too so plenty on the horizon. Thank you from all of us for allowing us to have Fred, now registered with the Kennel Club as Mannanan's Pure Genius!!

UPDATE: First day at Ramsey DTC open agility show, first ever show for Fred and he only went and flippin' won his second class!! As it was agility that takes him from Grade 3 to Grade 4 in fell swoop! Oh heck, reckon that means we have to get a tad more training in before our next show!!

UPDATE: Thought you might like an update on Fred, now 2.5 years old and one of your babies. He has just got his first novice obedience win, beating a class of over 30 other dogs and went on to get a second place the following day!

Amanda - Jake

hi,i got jake {bambam) from you in jan when he was 9wks old,he was 1yr last week,he turned into lovely dog,he loves his walks on beach especially when no-one else is around and let him of the lead and he canters in and out of water,hes so loveable and affectionate and clever doing all his tricks,so glad i got him,id be lost without him,hes part of the family.

Vicki - Dita

Thank you for our lovely Dita (was Tuesday) who has been with us over a year. She and her litter mates were found at about 3 weeks of age in Navan. As you can see she has a hard life now and this is a picture of her in her favourite place cuddled up to us on the sofa. Thank you all, we wouldn't be without her. Vicki.

Tony - Mikey

We received Mikey from Lasthope in January. Before and after. Thank you Last Hope. Thanks for making Mikey a part of our family. 

Joanne - Tilly

Tilly (Dina from the flintstone puppies) celebrating her 1st Birthday! Thank you so much Last Hope... She is a beautiful addition to the family!!

Stephanie - Alfie

Hi, my name is Alfie and my mummy adopted me from Last Hope last February.  She was looking for a small puppy at the time and I was looking for a good home to go to.  As soon as we met each other, we knew we would be the best of pals.
I have settled in well to my new abode with my big cat sister Misty.  Mind you I think she finds me a handful at times but she is well able to deal with me. I can be a bit of a rascal.
Mammy brought me to training classes in the DSPCA which I really enjoyed especially the agility.  I love running around as fast as I can.  However sometimes my stomach lets me down during the races.  I can't resist nibbling on anything that comes my way and I mean anything!  If I do feel unwell, I have a very nice vet called Mark who takes good care of me.
We also go to the dog park on occasion and I have made loads of friends there.  Other days we might go for a walk by the river and I get to paddle and splash as much as I want.  I love splashing and making lots of noise.
During the summer we went on hols to Donegal for a few days and I made some more new friends - Biffo the dog and Miffy the cat.  We had a great time.
I hope all the dogs and cats in your care are as lucky to find a family like I have and I wish you all the best for the future.  Thank you for finding me such a nice home.
Alfie xx

Linda - Pino & Tage

We adopted our two cats via a foster home who fosters kittens for Last Hope and then tries to find them homes. Our lives wouldn't be the same without Pino & Tage!

Margie - Polly

It was on my birthday Feb 13 2005 I got the call from one of the ladies volunteering for Last Hope Animal Charity. They had a small dog that needed to be fostered for a while, she was at present with another fosterer, but she couldn't keep her as she already had 3 dogs. I was away for the weekend at the time but would be back next day.Next day Valentines Day I met Polly for the first time, First impressions.. O My God, she was so ugly. Polly had been used for badger baiting and had the flesh missing from her lower jaw, she also had large hotspots all over her back and sides (really painful raw areas covered in pus), she was cowering in terror. I thought OK, Margie girl, what the hell have you taken on here... 
Polly soon placed her trust in me and would sleep in my bed curled up beside me, she would follow me around but didn't know how to play, if I threw a ball, she would look so terrified thinking I was throwing it at her and not for her. Soon Cara my large boxer x started to pay attention to Pol, she licked the hotspots very gently, during the day they would play together and started to get on really well. Cara had just found previous foster dogs a huge annoyance.
Before too long I noticed her putting on a bit of weight... around the middle. Turned out she had 7 reasons for the weight gain. She had 7 lovely little pups and the charity got homes for the all.
Polly suffered from separation anxiety and would chew anything she could get if she was left alone this has stopped as time went by.
Eight years on and Polly is the most loyal, funny girl, she get on with us all even the cats and that is a challenge for a Patterdale.
She is showing signs of age now, we have no idea how old she actually is, at a guess we thought she was 5 or 6 when we got her in 05, she has arthritis and is on meds to control that, her character still shines true, my life has been so much better for having got to know and love her.

Riikka - Polly

We picked Polly up from Virginia in Cavan back in 2005 where a whole litter of pups had been brought to the vet to be put down. The kind vet had rang the lady in question who then fostered the litter until they were all rehomed.
We went to "just see" Polly a week before Christmas (after I convinced the lady that I wanted a puppy before Christmas only as I was off work and would have time to settle her in and house train her). On the way up there from Dublin we were chatting with our two boys in the car what we might call her. My eldest, then 7 said that he liked "Molly". As it was coming up to Christmas I said how about "Holly"? By the time we had this little black thing with us in the car travelling back to Dublin, our youngest (then 5) wanted to call her "Polly". And Polly stuck!
Polly has been much more than we ever could have asked of a dog. At some point when I had to tell our youngest to be gentle with her as she is his friend, my son replied: "She is not my friend, she is my sister"! And so she has been, the daughter I never had :-) - a fabulous family dog. She is so gentle, beautiful inside and out and so fun loving and easy going. Polly is now nearly 8 years of age and nobody can believe it as she is so playful and happy-go-lucky (a few grey hairs under her chin might give it away though). She enjoys visiting the farm where I keep my horse and has endless stamina and fab. fitness levels to keep up with me and the horse when we go out hacking.
My husband nowadays calls her Spoilt Rotten  - which she is not unless you can spoil her by loving her too much!
Keep up the good work as without you we would have never had her.
Best wishes