General Chemistry Schedule

Below you will find a link for each week of school. Please check here to see what we did in class and any homework you may have.

For all labs you must prepare safety information for all chemicals used. You can find the information on the Lab Safety section of this website, as well as looking up chemicals on the SDS website.

Here is the link to the SDS site

The SDS site changed the weekend of 11/19-20/2016, you now can click on a letter and search alphabetically. If you want to type the name of your chemical into the search bar, MAKE SURE you choose SDS from the drop-down menu on the right of the search bar.

ANNOUNCEMENTS...upcoming tests, quizzes, lab days (close-toed shoes!) listed here!

Test:  Finals - January 18 (5th & 6th period), 19 (3rd & 4th period), 20 (1st & 2nd period)

Lab day: 


Week 21: January 23 - January 27 (2nd semester!)

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