Spring 2010 Update--Growing Faster than Ever at Landslide Community Farm

posted Feb 10, 2010, 7:58 AM by Patrick Young

We’re approaching our third growing season at Landslide Community Farm.  This year we’ve got big plans for a major garden expansion project and some big events at the farm. 


Garden Expansion

Thanks to some very generous donations and a major grant funding that we’re anticipating receiving, we are planning a massive expansion of our gardens on the Beelen St. farm site.  As soon as the snow starts to thaw, we’ll be getting started on construction of 25 new raised-bed planters and several new stone retaining walls.  The anticipated grant funding will allow us to purchase a huge amount of topsoil and other ground cover which will allow us to grow in land that had previously been too toxic for food bearing plants. 

Later in the season we’ll also be planting dozens of new berry bushes and fruit trees to continue the transformation of the deep woodlots on our farmland into a permaculture forest garden. 


We’re anticipating that the planned expansions will close to triple our current food production capacity for our 2010 harvest.  And as our fruit trees begin to bear fruit, we can expect our production capacity to continue to expand for the next several years. 


Kitchen Re-Build

Sharing free food is an activity that has always been central to Landslide’s mission.  Currently, we serve a neighborhood picnic each Friday evening a few blocks down the street from Landslide on Fifth Ave. and each week we invite our neighbors, friends, volunteers and supporters over for Sunday brunches.  But since we started Landslide in 2007, these food-serving efforts have always been hampered by inadequate food preparation space.


Over the winter we’ve been working hard to completely re-build the kitchen at Landslide Community Farm.  We’ve doubled the size of our current kitchen to allow for adequate room for food storage, food preparation, and cooking.  We installed several new shelving units, a three-basin sink, two new counter tops, a six-burner wood burning stove and a new propane stove. 


The new expansion means we’ll be able to prepare more food and accommodate more volunteers for our brunches and Friday community picnics.  To help cook for brunch, stop by Landslide on Sundays at 10:30 am and to help cook for our Friday Community Picnics/Food Not Bombs, stop by Landslide at 3:30 on Fridays. 


Major Upcoming Events

Because of the incredible success of last season’s planting day and special work weekends, we’ve decided to plan a series of special events at Landslide Community Farm to give volunteers an opportunity to plug in and get involved. 


We’re going to be kicking off the 2010 growing season with a spring work weekend at the Farm April 2-4.  That weekend we’ll be getting the lots ready for planting, moving several tons of soil, building raised beds, and constructing and repairing retaining walls. 


Saturday, April 17th is the major planting day at Landslide Community Farm.  That day we need as many volunteers as possible to help us get our first round of starts and seeds in the ground. 


Landslide will be celebrating Mayday Weekend at the farm with our “Spring into the Growing Season” Farm Festival.  We’ll be holding tours of the farm, volunteer orientations, gardening and permaculture workshops and on Saturday night a Mayday party at the farm.  Check out www.LandslideCommunityFarm.org for more details. 


About Landslide:

The Landslide Community Farm is a Hill district based, not for profit, urban farm dedicated to being a free source of healthy food for the community.  Landslide is a neighborhood and volunteer run project committed to sustainability and mutual aid.  We hold weekly open meetings run on consensus and regular workdays for friends and neighbors to come down and volunteer with collective members.