Welcome to Landslide Community Farm!

Landslide is a Community Farm, located in the neighborhood of Soho (at the intersection of West Oakland, Uptown and the Hill District), is dedicated to providing a free source of healthy food to the community. We are committed to eliminating the barriers to accessing the resources necessary for sustainable longevity, first to those of us who are most marginalized and are working from a permaculture base.. We are a neighborhood-centric project that focuses on education and mutual aid.


Our farm is sustained entirely by the hard work of our volunteers and with the exception of a few generous grants, we are funded entirely by individual contributions.  We’re a growing project and over the next several months we are hoping to buy additional land, undertake new housing projects, sustain our farm as well as support other neighborhood garden projects and contiune to distribute free food, plants and seeds.  Please think about donating some money to help us secure the long-term viability of this valuable project.  Landslide Community Farm now has its 501(c) 3 status and can recieve tax deductable donations. Checks can be made payable to Landslide Community Farm and mailed to the farm office: 3 Allequippa Street, Pittsburgh PA, 15213.



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