Please see a video on our work given by HEADLINES TODAY in association with India Today on 17th August 2013

Learning Accessories, Nutrients and Drugs for Marginalized Agrarian Rural Kids (LAND MARK) Foundation is three years old. 

Our Mission is :

To serve the deprived children of migrant workers in education and health
 and support their families through counselling and empowerment programs.

What we did during the financial year 2012-13 
We paid tuition fees  for 10 children (3 College , 1 matriculation and 6 high school students); provided educational facilities to 298 children;  74 people attended our coaching centers and 10 women benefited from our empowerment program 

[We need your financial help and encouragement. Any donation made to us is exempt from Income Tax under section 80G.  PAN No : AAATL8579K . See details here.]