LANDMARK Foundation has been in existence for about three years now. 

We see deprived children all around us - not cared for by their parents or looked after, not educated, not treated for their ailments or sheltered. Many of them are child laborers. How can we not be disturbed by these sights.

Sympathy is the least we can offer, but at LANDMARKFOUNDATION, we want to do more to care for these children - our next generation. We solicit your support and partnership in this effort. Please contribute in a way that suits your abilities and convenience, be that through financial means or personal engagement.

LandMark cannot serve the kids in isolation from the family. Their economic status, social bearing, environment, education etc.are responsible for the plight of the child. We wanted to address these problems too. Empowering the women, redeeming the father from alcoholism, inculcating the values of family life and the importance of being responsible citizens are also the goals  of LANDMARK. 

To start with we are planning to support one thousand kids which form the THOUSANDS CLUB. We request you to support a child for an year with learning accessories, nutrients,  medicines, dresses, tuition fees etc.  Each child you sponsor costs a thousand rupees. Any additional donation is always thankfully welcome.

We will utilize your contributions for deprived children, mothers and addicted fathers and destitute grandparents. 

Volunteers : 
We look forward for people interested to serve the children, Please contact : 9841 405724