Paper Submission

Please note that full paper submission is not a requirement. If you want to share your paper with the rest of your panel, email us your full paper (approximately 6,000 words) by May 15 2013.


Guidelines for paper submission:

  • Title:
  • Abstract (250 words):
  • Five Key words:
  • Author/s:
  • Body of the text (6,000 words approx. including bibliography):
  • Biographical note (no more than 100 words. Please include email of contacting author):

Suggested style: 12 font, New Times Roman, Chicago Style.

For oral presentation:

For panels with four presenters: 20 minutes per presenter plus 20-25 minutes at the end for a general discussion

For panels with five presenters: 15 minutes per presenter plus 25 minutes at the end for a general discussion.

Note for reference: 20 minutes of oral presentation is the equivalent of 2,600 read words approx. (You do not need to send these 2,600 words; this is for reference only)

Rooms are fully equipped with power point facilities. You do not need to bring a laptop, just your USB with your presentation and coordinate with the chair of your panel.