Latin America Conference Ireland (LACI) 2013

"Latin America at a Crossroads: Between Globalisation and Regionalisation"
23-24 May 2013, University College Dublin (UCD)

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Bienvenidos, Welcome to LACI 2013

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Latin America Conference Ireland (LACI) 2013: Latin America at a Crossroads: Between Globalisation and Regionalisation.

Latin America is a diverse region ­arising in and through the confluence of many cultures, identities and national histories, and one that is assuming a new role in global geopolitics and whose migrant population is reshaping regions including the USA and Canada and Europe. There is, thus, much to be learned internationally from academic scholarship that addresses the complex economic, political and cultural changes taking place in Latin America and by exploring the relevance of this work to the study of globalisation and social change in other parts of the world. More than 100 authors from 24 countries will be showcased in the conference, on topics from trade and economic development to art, culture and media; from governance, conflict and resistance to migration and social movements, attests to the intellectual and empirical wealth of this scholarship.

Building on previous work by scholars in Ireland, we hope the conference will strengthen exchange and collaboration participants from across the Americas and Europe. We trust that this gathering will provide opportunities for sharing information and expertise, and for cultivating networks between scholars, researchers and activists interested in Latin America.  

We sincerely hope that while you are in Ireland you will have an opportunity to also discover this beautiful country, its warm people and its ancient culture.

LACI Organising Committee:

Dr. Ernesto Vasquez del Aguila (UCD School of Social Justice); Dr. Veronica Crossa (UCD School of Geography, Planning & Environmental Policy); Dr. Javier Olivera (UCD School of Applied Social Science); Dr. Alice Feldman (UCD School of Sociology); Dr. Melanie Hoewer (Politics & International Relations); and Valeria Llano-Arias (UCD School of Sociology).

Keynote speaker: Professor Peadar Kirby

Professor Emeritus of International Politics and Public Policy,
University of Limerick

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