What to Bring~Packing

PLEASE NOTE:  The camp does NOT provide bedding, pillows, etc.  YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN, including things like extra blankets for unusually cool nights. See note about camp beds for adults.

The cabins contain only single camp beds—no pillows, blankets, sheets, etc.  Similarly do not expect to find soap shampoo, etc.

 For yourself, please be sure to bring the following essential items:



     Sleeping bags / blankets -- nights are often cool in August

     Camp beds are cots with metal springs, Adults may find they are more
comfortable with an air mattress or sleeping pad on the floor

     Towels for swimming and showers

     Soap and shampoo

     Rain gear, including boots and/or extra shoes for kids

     Flashlights for walking around camp at night (IMPORTANT!)

     Warm clothes for chilly evenings -- or days

     Insect repellent -- mosquitoes or no-see-ums can be quite bothersome

     Bathing suits


When selecting clothing and sleeping gear be prepared for cool weather.  highs in the 70s or 80s, and lows in the 50s -- this is typical for this time of year, though it can be warmer.  Remember that the cabins are not insulated or heated!

Cabins do have electric lights, but most do not have electrical outlets.  You may want to bring camping lights (batteries only please—no kerosene or propane) and plenty of batteries for tape players, etc.  And don't forget to bring flashlights. If you need electricity in your cabin for critical needs (e.g. medical devices) please advise us ASAP.

 To share, or use yourself, if you wish:

     Lawn chairs we can use for outdoor classes and studying

     Frisbees, Kadima (paddleball), hula hoops, and other similar games that can be played outside

     Balls and ball games


     Board games

     Musical instruments

     Videos in Spanish*

* We do not currently have a VCR and TV.  If you own a small VCR / TV or a combination unit and could bring it please let us know ASAP.  Also we could use a projector so we can share photos

Boats may not be launched onto the lake  from the camp dock. If you bring a boat you may launch it at nearby lakes including lake Sunapee.

A more detailed list of some additional items you can bring to help out the children's program will come in a later message.