For those already registered:

Bienvenidos! ~ Welcome! campamento familiar de Español 2016, nuestro diecinueve año. Spanish Family Camp 2016, our 19th year!

Please read this page and the others in this section carefully as they contain the details you need to make the camp go well for your family, and others. 

Camp is a cooperative effort among all the participants.

It is especially important that you plan to stay through Saturday afternoon--our last day. As we need everyone on hand to clean the camp.

In the week or so before camp we will be assigning shopping tasks to most of the participants. You will be able to let us know in advance what kind of shopping you would prefer to help with.  We reimburse your purchases by check at camp. 

In the weeks to come I will be sharing information with you on the following topics:

    Arrival and departure

    Daily schedule

    Food, kitchen information, and work signup

    Important camp rules

    Books for Camp

    What to bring

    Camp site and local activities

    Emergency and contact information

This message will be followed by others including driving directions; food shopping assignments,  the adult and children's programs; and -- if we can do them before next weekend -- cabin  assignments.

 Please note that the plan for what is happening in what building may change before camp starts.