Important Camp Rules

posted Aug 14, 2010, 8:34 AM by Kathy Dalton   [ updated Mar 11, 2017, 11:13 AM ]
 (1) There is absolutely NO use of the camp waterfront —i.e. no swimming or even wading— unless a lifeguard is present.  We have a lifeguard, and expect to open the beach from 3:00 - 5:00 each day, weather permitting. To swim outside these hours you may drive to one of the nearby public beaches.

(2) Parking: Please do not block the dumpster access at the dining hall. There will be information at check in about where you may and may not park.

 If you are staying in a Whirlwinds cabin you may drive to unload and load please stay in the established ruts. DO NOT drive or park on the grass.  You can ruin the grass, and you may become stuck.

(4) Children are not permitted in the kitchen for any reason during meals, while we are preparing food, or cleaning up.  The only exception is older children (10+) who are helping with cooking or cleanup.  This is a safety issue but more importantly, we have learned that one child in the kitchen always means others come in, and the situation gets out of control.

 (5) After 9:00 PM children and teenagers may be in their cabins, or  in the lodge with parental permission *and* with at least one adult  present.  They may not walk through the camp grounds without an adult after 9:00 PM, except quietly and directly between their cabins and  the lodge.

(6) Small groups of children — including teenagers — may not go off by themselves on the camp grounds in any way which excludes  others. The camp is a community for all and is not a place to connect or spend time exclusively with only one or a few individuals. This  does not mean you can't hang out with your friends It does mean  you cannot arrange a secret rendezvous, and you always need to be  welcoming of others when you see them.

(7) No food in cabins, may attract small and large mammals. If you need special food there is storage in the kitchen. Ask.

NOTE: In some years we have had participants with severe peanut allergies. If we have a concern this summer we will ban peanuts. We do not yet know about this for 2016.