Books for Camp

For 2016 There is no requirement adults  bring books to camp, though some intermediate students may  wish to purchase the "Easy Spanish Reader." Our grammar teacher, Penelope will have a few available to borrow.

Children are not required to bring books.

All Adults
You may benefit from having a good dictionary and the verb book listed below but they are not required (see where to buy below)

 For both the adult beginner and intermediate groups:

  • 501 Spanish Verbs, by Christopher Kendris, ISBN-13: 9780764179846, $16.99 This book is widely used and should not be hard to find. (older versions are fine too.)
In past years we have used:

In previous years the Beginners group used:   

  • The Nassi Levy Spanish Workbook 2nd Year (ISBN 978-1-56765-480-6)

The Intermediate group may use and you might wish to purchase:  

  •   Easy Spanish Reader by William T. Tardy (McGraw Hill) Penelope will use this in conjunction with grammar exercises.  
 Recommended Books

Not required and likely will not be used in class.  However, students have often found one or another of them quite useful.

Breaking Out of Beginner's Spanish, by Joseph J. Keenan, paper, 215 pages, ISBN-13: 9780292743229, $19.95. Tells you a lot of things the formal learning books don't (e.g. what are the different ways to say goodbye and how do you choose which to use, common tricky verbs and how to use them, etc.).  Good for those beyond the beginner level, or headed there.

Guide to Spanish Suffixes by Dorothy Devney Richmond, paper, 243 pages,.  A treatise on suffixes and how they affect meaning (not a workbook like her others) -- why is a mouse "raton" when a rat is "rata"?  What can you infer when a word ends in "-ante", "-eria", "-lento", or "-uelo".  Etc. •Out of print

Barron's Spanish Grammar by Christopher Kendris, paper, 196 pages, ISBN 0812042956,  A small pocket grammar reference (not a teaching book), good for things you already know but don't quite remember. •Out of print


If you don't have a dictionary, here are some  recommendations:

Larousse Concise Spanish/English Dictionary, paper, 642 pages, 90,000 entries, ISBN-13:  A good, comprehensive paperback dictionary, easy to read. 9782035420176, $11.95.

American Heritage Spanish Dictionary, paper, 616 pages, 70,000 entries,
ISBN-13: 9780425175552, $6.99.  Comprehensive, focuses on US English and Latin American Spanish, but small print can make it hard to read.

Langenscheidt series Many people also use and like these (the ones with bright yellow covers).

Larousse Spanish-English Dictionary, (For home, you don't want  to lug this to camp!)  hardcover, 800+ pages, 220,000 entries, A huge reference dictionary, very comprehensive, excellent information on context (how each word is used) and comprehensive coverage of regional usages (e.g. Latin American vs. US vs. European Spanish).  Can be a little overwhelming, common words can have hundreds of translations! (seems to be out of print ISBN 2034202015, $55.00., I’m still trying to determine which edition is most similar.)

 Advanced students may want to consider a Spanish (not Spanish-English) dictionary such as

Santillana's Diccionario Salamanca, ISBN 8429443711, or the Oceano / Langenscheidt Diccionario Basico Español, ISBN 8495199181.

 * I haven’t listed a price for out of print books. Some copies were available used on Abebooks, Powell’s, or Amazon

Outside the Boston area: Try your local book store first. Use this great page to locate an independent book store near you: Indie Bound.  You probably have time to place an order  if what you want is not in stock. Most books are also available from , ,,,  or other similar retailers.  

If you are in the Boston area:  Support your local book seller:  Porter Square Books , Cambridge in the Porter Square Shopping Center (617-491-2220) has several dictionaries. They may not have a lot of other language books in stock, but they can get most anything within a few days at no extra charge, and in our experience their service is excellent.  Most books are also available from the online retailers listed above.  You can also find a huge selection of all kinds of foreign language books art Schoenhof's Foreign Books in Harvard Square Cambridge.

Some books listed below are out of print, in which case I haven’t listed a price. Some copies were available used on Abebooks, Powell’s, or Amazon.

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