In my free time I enjoy acting, singing, and dancing. Not only do I achieve enjoyment out of acting, singing and dancing: I thoroughly appreciate playing the piano. I, not only play for people that I know, but I have played and continue to play for the community of Keene, NH. I maintain this reputation because I am always open for new experiences that may come up in my career.

I have been fortunate enough in the past to participate in the many different shows that the Keene Middle School Drama Club puts on. Some performances that I have engaged in will include; Dear Edwina Jr., Sleeping Beauty and the BeastAlice in Wonderland Jr., and Willy Wonka Jr. I associated with the Keene Middle School Talent Show by being their accompanist, as well as obtaining a piano solo for two years straight.

I also did a rendition of the song named,The Boogie Woogie Variations by Liberace, at The Colonial Theatre's production of: The Colonial Follies. I have also had the privilege in embarking in other performances at the Keene Colonial Theatre. Opera's Burning; was one of my first performances - but not the last. As I have had the honor to solo multiple times vocally, and on the piano at the Theatres' VIP Parties.
I continue to show my theatrical side by performing in wonderful productions with the Keene Lions Club. With musicals such as: Seussical, Cinderella, along with the 2016 production of Shrek.
I hold experience in dance, instrumentation, and choral studies during my musical career thus far. I enjoy helping others comprehend different concepts in musical education, such as: voice, piano, and music theory. I have also found interest in my recent studies of Melodia, (Solfedge), and music notation. 
Most importantly, I enjoy educating myself about Psychology, and the nature of the mind! 

For more information about myself, and my experiences with the arts, check out my page, Experience with the Arts.