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Snurken / Snoring

Snoring is not an illness. It may, however, be indicative of several illnesses, and the obstruction of respiration during our sleep and  disturbed sleep cycles may have serious consequences. The natural mix of herbs and enzymes contained in Snorin® helps. 
Snorin®  at a Glance 
▹ strengthens the muscles of the  palate and the throat 
▹ has a mitigating effect on  obstructions of the airways
▹ supports restful and healthy sleepindications
Chronic snoring that is not due to anatomic  causes after other causes (extreme over­ weight, alcoholism, chronic tonsillitis or  sinusitis) have been excluded.

one tablet contains: daily dose
  • Acerola (fruit extract)   200mg
  • Echinacea (4% extract)   2mg
  • Elder (fruit extract)   2mg
  • Capsaicinoids (cayenne pepper extract)   50mg
  • Fennel (blossom extract)   20mg
  • Eucalyptus (leaf extract)   20mg
  • Enzyme complex  414mg (amylase, cellulase, lipase, protease)
  • Herb complex  100mg (extracts of red clover, slippery elm bark,  sorrel, horse chestnut, yarrow)
Other ingredients: 
calcium carbonate, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, cellulose, SiO2 , corn starch
In normal cases take 1 tablet daily with  plenty of fluid immediately before going  to bed. People suffering from sleep apnoea  should consult their doctor before use.
 should be taken shortly before  going to bed and on an empty stomach, i.e.,  at least two hours after the last meal.

In the US, a randomized trial was carried  out with 220 patients who were chronic  snorers. They were administered the  purely herbal mix Snorin®
 for a period of  two years. This product is made up of four  digestive enzymes (lipase, amylase, pro­tease and cellulase) and various herbs. It 
prevents increased secretion and reduces  the swelling of tissue in the area of the nose and the throat.
The research showed that in more than 86  percent of the patients the snoring had been  reduced by at least 50 percent, or even com­ pletely stopped. In addition, the patients felt  more vital, better rested and less susceptible  to stress due to better sleep. Their partner­ ships also improved because both the test  persons and their respective partners were  clearly more even­tempered.