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Whimsical, unconventional, innocent – this is how others describe my art. I love using color, shape and textures in unusual ways.

I enjoy when someone looks at a drawing I’ve done for longer than a few seconds – it means I’ve drawn in their attention and intrigue.

I name my drawings after the place I first received the inspiration for them. Seeing the picture takes me back to that time and place, and allows me to relive that certain stage of my life.

I never know what the final picture will be when I first begin drawing. I just don’t think, but instead allow my hands to feel for what to do next. By doing this, I am always impressed with the final product.

I have Tourette’s Syndrome. Drawing is a form of therapy for me. It instantly relaxes the muscles that are otherwise constantly convulsing in my body and refocus that energy into my fingertips and out onto the page.