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Mathematics For Engineers

Course handouts

 Chapter 1.  Complements on Connectedness, Differential Forms of the First Degree, and Analytic Functions.  PDF
 Chapter 2.
  Holomorphic Functions.
 Chapter 3.
  Laurent Series and Residue Theory.
 Chapter 4.
  Laplace Transform.
 Chapter 5.
  Introduction to Lebesgue Integration Theory.
 Chapter 6.
  Fourier Transform.
 Chapter 7.
  Distributions and Generalized Functions.


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Assignments & Exams

Introduction To Probability

Online Course / COVID-19

Homework Policy

  • Students should submit the homework in PDF format before the due time, to my e-mail: omran(underscore)kouba(at)hiast(d0t)edu(d0t)sy
  • Students may collaborate on a homework and submit just one document but it should be indicated in the document the percentage of contribution of each of the collaborators.
  • Each homework paper must have at least 6 completely solved problems from the problem list,
  • The harder the chosen problems are, the more marks the student gets.

Chapter 1. Events and Probability

 Lecture  Title Available Online
 Link  Due
 1-1  Events Algebra
 15-4-2020  Video  
 1-2  Probability Measure
 18-4-2020  Video  
 1-3  Conditional Probability
 Stochastic Independence
 20-4-2020  Video  

 Homework  20-4-2020  PDF  27-4-2020

Chapter 2. Random Variables

 Lecture  Title Available Online
 Link  Due
 2-1  General Definitions
 26-4-2020  Video  
 2-2  Types of Random Variables
 28-4-2020  Video  
 2-3  First Encounter With the Law
 of Large numbers.
 30-4-2020  Video  

 Homework  30-4-2020  PDF  07-5-2020

Chapter 3. Discrete Random Variables

 Lecture  Title Available Online
 Link  Due
 3-1  Probability Mass Function
 10-5-2020  Video  
 3-2  Expectation
 12-5-2020  Video  
 3-3  Examples of Discrete Random Variables.
 14-5-2020  Video  
 3-4  Common Probability Mass Function
 17-5-2020  Video  
 3-5  Conditional Expectation
 19-5-2020  Video  

 Homework  19-5-2020  PDF  26-5-2020

Chapter 4. Continuous Random Variables

 Lecture  Title Available Online
 Link  Due
 4-1  Probability Density Function
 26-5-2020  Video  
 4-2  Expectation
 28-5-2020  Video  
 4-3  Examples of continuous Random Variables.
 31-5-2020  Video  
 4-4  Common Probability Density Function of Random Vectors
 02-6-2020  Video  
 4-5  Conditional Expectation
 04-6-2020  Video  
 4-6  Functions of Random Variables
 07-6-2020  Video  

 Homework  07-6-2020  PDF  14-6-2020

Chapter 5. Generating Functions and Their Applications

 Lecture  Title Available Online
 Link  Due
 5-1  Generating Functions -1
 14-6-2020  Video  
 5-2  Generating Functions -2
 16-6-2020  Video  
 5-3  Characteristic Functions  18-6-2020  Video  
 5-4  Characteristic Functions of well-known Distributions  21-6-2020  Video  
 5-5  Weak Law of Large Numbers and The Central Limit Theorem  23-6-2020  Video  

 Homework  23-6-2020  PDF  30-6-2020

Course handouts

 Chapter 1.   Events and Probability.
 Chapter 2.
  Random Variables, Generalities.
 Chapter 3.
  Discrete Random Variables.
 Chapter 4.
  Continuous Random Variables.
 Chapter 5.
  Generating Functions and Their Applications.