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- Promoting learning strategies over the span of life

Life Long Learning – What does it mean concretely for every person? It means learning over the whole span of life, in every special phase of life, in different ages, in different situations as well as with different social and cultural backgrounds. How popular is the strategy of Lifelong Learning in Europe? How should the people be motivated, qualified and empowered for the lifelong learning? PRO Learn will find answers to these questions and will disseminate innovative approaches and methods in Europe. The main focus of “PRO LEARN” is the advancement of the European Lifelong Learning strategies.


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Support for European Cooperation in Education and Training (ECET)

Transversal programme

Key Activity 1: Policy Cooperation and Innovation

Project title: ProLearn 
Promoting learning strategies over the span of life

Project start: 1st March 2011

Project partners from
 Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom.

Project summary

It is political and scientific consensus, that in a knowledge-based Europe an efficient life long learning process for people is essential. Inclusion of informal learning, recognition of competences, earned in former learning processes, self-controlling, competence development, networking, learning guidance, popularisation and equal opportunities with access to learning are in the focus of life long learning strategies. To implement these approaches 

Pro-Learn focuses on best practices from different countries, and deliver in this way various examples of how life long learning can be organised and promoted. We think that the results and the findings of Pro-Learn can be important contributions to European policy makers when these are designing the education and employment policies of the future. It is of great importance that the education systems in the future succeed in creating learning pathways that to a high degree combine school education and training on the one hand, and practical training in enterprises on the other. Public administration and work life  should in the future take greater responsibilities together in order to build more bridges between formal education, training and work life. Better functioning collaboration between the two major fields (education and work life) is of the greatest importance in order to be able to combat high unemployment, social exclusion and social social unrest in Europe.

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into peoples thinking and acting is a great challenge. The EC declares in its paper of strategy “Europe 2020” in guideline 8 the demanding aim to “develop work force, with labour market demanded qualification and support for a high quality of jobs and life-long learning”. Project PRO-LEARN aims to promote the life long strategy, raising the awareness of its contents, discussion and its further development with protagonists in training and education. Consortium will support transnational cooperation by exchange of regional and national experiences and approaches, close European cooperation between providers of education and training. Learners, teachers and trainers will develop approaches to promote motivation, guidance, ability and empowerment. As an extraordinary characteristic, the project will support learners over the whole span of life, with different social and cultural backgrounds. Methods and new approaches will help trainers and teachers to foster learners in motivation, orientation and empowerment. Development, test and transfer of innovative best practice within the European regions will fulfil the European strategy with life and will encourage people to design their own tailor made learning process. The project PRO-LEARN will produce methodological approaches for motivation, self-confidence and self-responsibility for the individual use of educators and learners. It provides all outcomes and products to enrich and to promote regional, national and European strategies of life long learning.