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Development and transfer of a procedure for validation of professional performance skills of formally low-skilled adults in the context of the qualification-driven modular second-chance training.

“ValiSkills” is due to a current need for comprehensive professional competence assessment procedures for formally low-skilled adults in further vocational training. The procedure will be applied in particular in "qualification-driven modular second-chance training" - an efficient, learning outcome-oriented model for reaching a full-fledged professional qualification certificate in Germany. 
The aim of the project is the joint development of such a procedure on the basis of transfer of proven tools and best practice from countries with advanced experience (Switzerland, Norway, Austria). Transfer, development and introduction of the procedure into practice will be carried out on the example of the requirements of "modular second-chance training" for the profession "Management Assistant for Retail Services" on the basis of the regulations applicable in Germany (Vocational Training Act, IHK) and following the tradition of the dual vocational training system.