ValiSkills 2012/2014

Call 2012

Leonardo da Vinci - Innovationstransfer


Project partners from Austria, Germany, Norway,  Switzerland

ValiSkills: Development and transfer of a procedure for validation of professional performance skills of formally low-skilled adults in the context of the qualification-driven modular second-chance training.

The “ValiSkills” project is due to a current need for comprehensive professional competence assessment procedures for formally low-skilled adults in further vocational training in Germany. The procedure will be applied in particular in "qualification-driven modular second-chance training" - an efficient, learning outcome-oriented model for reaching a full-fledged professional qualification certificate. Identification and activation of professional performance skills at the beginning of the training course shall open to this labor market risk group effective ways and means to complete vocational training (IHK external examination).

The aim of the project is the joint development of such a procedure on the basis of transfer of proven tools and best practice from countries with advanced experience (Switzerland, Norway, Austria). During the two-years’ project period, transfer, development and introduction of the procedure into practice will be carried out on the example of the requirements of "modular second-chance training" for the profession "Management Assistant for Retail Services" on the basis of the regulations applicable in Germany (Vocational Training Act, IHK) and following the tradition of the dual vocational training system. A later adaptation of the procedure for other professions and areas of application in the professional training of low-skilled adults is intended and by design and taken into account in development process (eg, job training / staff development, demand-driven training / job placement.) Further, a contribution to the comparability of occupational skill levels and to the implementation of "best practice" into national proceedings will be made. Five partners from four countries form the consortium. They represent know-how for competence balancing (AT, NO), a national association which is largely involved in the national anchoring of a modern validation system (CH) and on the importing side of the transfer (DE) an IHK organisation and regionally-based service provider of professional adult education.

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ValiSkills 3: 2018-2020

Project partners

7 partners from Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Norway, and Switzerland are involved in the "ValiSkills 3" project. These partners bring many years of practical experience on the subject of validation of professional competencies, which must be presented or actively discussed with experts in vocational training.