Seniors for seniors voluntary social and health care pilotage in support of elder people's

self-determined living at home in structurally weak rural regions

The European countries face major challenges due to their aging populations. The larger proportion of old people (fourth age) in the overall population brings also new challenges to social security systems. The EU countries recognize, to a growing extend, the necessity to design future-oriented and age-appropriate forms of life as a transversal issue. The project “Agathe” aims at an exchange of information and experience regarding national developments, practice and trends in the social and health care sector at the background of demographic developments, in particular in structurally weak rural areas. It is more and more important and meaningful to make use of potentials and interests of active elder people (50+/ third age). The identification of required skills and competencies for a voluntary commitment for old people (fourth age) and the didactic-methodical implementation of their training needs in the context of adult education will be discussed. Partners’ mobilities will be used for learning about concepts, methods and results of qualification programmes addressing educational challenges caused by the aging population. With regard to these activities, an ambitious and targeted training is essential for promoting social and economic inclusion of aging citizens. The learning partners will present and discuss with professionals and stakeholders Best Practice examples of a successful combination of training and its implementation into practice. The project objective is to exchange and disseminate this Best Practice of intergenerational learning and to integrate it into own regional adult education offers. The partners regard this project as a starting point for a continued regional co-operation on this issue (e.g. Berlin –Uckermark – Western Pomerania) .
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