TallyHo! Lobster Packer

New, improved method of lobster packing

Accounts for actual weights shipped

Easy to learn & more Accurate

Cuts losses due to over-packing

When packing standard-weight packages of natural products for shipment, it is very difficult to meet the weight specification exactly.

For example, when packing 30 lb boxes of live lobsters for air shipment, it is almost impossible to pack the exact amount. Operators try to balance the amounts over and under so that, on average, the 30 lb target is met for the complete order.

But, unless the actual average is calculated, it is impossible to avoid the losses caused by this estimation process. Depending on lobster prices, the potential loss can exceed the cost of losses from all other sources.

To solve this problem,  TallyHo! Displays the average weight of the order so far. By observing the average weight the operator can trim the contents of the box being packed to keep the average weight of the order very close to the target weight.

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