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Reptile Art

Black Water Monitor
Sept. 1996

My first monitor lizard drawing. I’ve always liked monitors. They invariably look as if they’re eyeing you, suspiciously. I guess that’s what makes them interesting subjects.


Rough-necked Monitor
Mar. 1997

I like the flowers in this drawing. I think they’re orchids of some kind. I found them in a book that I borrowed from the library (back before I had internet access and had to depend on books for reference materials).

Black Tree Monitor
Oct. 1997

I really think this one exemplifies the bird-like mannerisms of monitor lizards.

Tortuga Island Rattlesnake
Jan. 1999

My first, but hopefully not last, snake drawing. I wanted to present a rattlesnake in a way that wasn’t sensationalistic (striking, huge fangs bared, dripping venom), but still pretty awe inspiring.



Cuban Crocodiles
Nov. 1996

What living room’s décor is complete without a picture of a couple of monstrous reptiles warming themselves in the morning sun?


Bengal Monitor
Apr. 1997

This one graced the cover of the second (and final) issue of the Varanid Society’s newsletter “Varanids”. I don’t think the drawing was a factor in the demise of the Society. I hope not, anyway.

Eastern Box Turtle
Dec. 1997

I can’t think of many things cooler than walking through the woods and encountering a box turtle dining on a worm. Well maybe a few, but it’s still pretty cool.


Malayan Water Monitor
Dec. 1996

My second of several drawings featuring monitor lizards. This one graced the cover of the premier issue of the Varanid Society’s “Varanids” newsletter.

Indian Star Tortoise
Aug. 1997

My first tortoise drawing. It was commissioned as a Christmas present for a former Curator of Herpetology at the Bronx Zoo.


Spiny-tailed Monitor
Jan. 1998

He may not be as intimidating as his cousin the Komodo dragon, but this little monitor is still pretty cool.