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People Art

Breezy Point Bathing Beauties
Aug. 1988

This is from a photo I took several years ago at the jetty on the tip of Breezy Point, Queens. I don’t know who the subjects are, but they probably knew my Grandmother. Everybody knows everybody down there.

Regent's Park, London
Aug. 1991

This drawing is a composite of a few photos I took in London. The woman reading and the man lying on the bench were both in Regent’s Park, but somewhat further apart. The raven was from the Tower of London.

A Knob Too Far
Sept. 1988

This one may represent people's quest for something better; their desire for what lies hidden and unknown behind the door. Hopes and dreams just out of reach. Or maybe the kid's just hungry.

Dublin Ad Men
Dec. 1991

I took this photo of a couple of “advertising executives” in Dublin, Ireland. They seem somewhat more relaxed than most of their American counterparts.

Hat and Scarf
Feb. 1989

This man was walking through Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village, looking very contemplative, when I took his picture. I like the unusual lack of background detail in this one.

Old Blue
Dec. 2014