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Mammal Art

Dec. 1990

My first animal drawing. I’m not sure why I chose a camel. Maybe because it was so goofy looking. And fuzzy.

Snow Leopard
Jan. 1995

One of my first experiments with color. Just a bit of green in the middle of an otherwise black and white drawing really focuses your attention.

Feb. 2001

This was one of two drawings I did while recovering from a broken ankle. The other was the coyote. My less creative pastimes, at the time, were watching tv and putting together puzzles.


Feb. 2014 

The diminutive, but fierce, ocelot pauses for a moment to gaze up through the forest's canopy before continuing his quest for a tasty little mouse or lizard. My first wild cat drawing in over ten years.

Red Fox

Nov. 2014 

A few weeks ago, my son – who’s four – requested three drawings; a fox, a bear, and a skunk. As I had a show at a nature reserve coming up (and of course, because I do everything my kids ask me to do), I complied. The fox was the first.


Grizzly Old Bear
May 1991

Bears have always been one of my favorite animals. They get to sleep all winter, eat salmon, honey, and berries, and have nothing to fear (except, of course, people).

Feb. 1999

Peeking out from under a bush, the New World’s largest carnivore is about to strike. I like the way she watches you, wherever you go.

Apr. 2001

This was one of two drawings I did while recovering from a broken ankle. The other was the zebra. My wife took the picture that I worked from.

Canadian Lynx

March 2014 

This was an animal that my wife cared for when she worked at a zoo. She took the photo that I worked from. It’s actually the second drawing I did of him, the first being a birthday card I drew for her a few years ago.




Nov. 1992

My first big cat drawing. I like the regal expression.

Elephant's Eye
Mar. 1999

I find it interesting, and somewhat gratifying, that when you take away the more obvious traits (trunk, big ears, massive size, etc), people still recognize that this is an elephant.

Dec. 2003

This was done as a gift to my wife’s uncle who was a big help when it came to buying our house. He likes lions.


Oct. 2014 

So what if they spread my trash all over the driveway. So what if they make a mess of my garden pool and leave muddy footprints all over the deck. Raccoons are still pretty cool. Maybe it was just that Disney movie I saw when I was a kid, but I’ve always loved them. And now I’ve finally gotten around to drawing one.