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Landscape Art

Old Town, Philadelphia
Jan. 1988

Philadelphia PA is steeped in history and the older section, appropriately called “Old Town”, is full of interesting old architecture. I believe that this was probably my first foray into the Pen and Ink medium.


The Brooklyn Side
Dec. 1989

The Brooklyn Bridge, as viewed from Brooklyn. From a photo probably taken some time in the eighties. Check out the big American gas-guzzling cars.


All Souls Church, Tannersville
May 2008

This was the church, in Tannersville, NY, where my wife and I were wed. This drawing was her Fifth Anniversary gift. It was a bit of a problem finding the time to draw it, in the weeks preceding our anniversary, without her finding out about it.

Columbia County Corn Field
Sept. 2013

I stopped to take this picture a few miles outside of Hudson, NY, but it could be just about anywhere in the country. Note cards of this drawing are available in the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce in Hudson.

Gloria Dei Church, Palenville NY

Apr. 2014 

I was in Palenville in December to participate in a Holiday Craft Fair.  Unfortunately, as it often does in the Catskill Mountains in Winter-time, it snowed heavily the night before, so I ended up missing the show.  Instead, I went around the neighborhood and took some pictures.  I was lucky enough to get a few of the Gloria Dei church on Rt 23A before anybody came to shovel it out, looking a lot like it must have 150 years ago.

New England Scarecrow
Mar. 1988

This tranquil farm scene is from a photo that my father took. He doesn’t remember where it was, but thinks it was somewhere in New England. It won 3rd place in the Landscape/Marine category in the Ridgewood Art Institute Regional Open Jury Show.


Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Aug. 1991

This one was commissioned by a family friend. It was their childhood home, but it apparently looks like everybody who grew up in Brooklyn’s childhood home. I get a lot of comments about it along those lines.

Dromoland Castle, Ireland
May 2013

This was one of the places my wife and I stayed on our Honeymoon. The drawing was my Tenth Anniversary gift to her. I found the photo in our Honeymoon album and decided that it would make a good subject. The vines and rockwork would translate well in pen-and-ink, but I thought the flowers – an important component in the composition – would have been lost, so I decided to add color to this one.

Peggy's Point
Dec. 2013

This is a view of two falls – Niobe and Fernwood – on the Kaaterskill Creek in Palenville, NY. I don’t think “Peggy’s Point” is the official name, but it’s my Mother-in-Law’s (Peggy’s) favorite view of the creek, and it’s on her property, so she can call it anything she wants.

Hudson-Athens Lighthouse

June 2014 

This is a view of a lighthouse in the Hudson River, between the cities of Hudson and Athens.




Hudson River Tugboat
Nov. 1988

I believe that this is from a photo taken from the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. Probably somewhere

around Jersey City. 

Nantucket Wharf
Aug. 1992

Like the title says, a wharf somewhere in Nantucket, MA. I picked this photo to draw, not only for the great New England-y wharf scenery, but also for challenge that all the detail and different textures presented.

Haines Falls Sap House
July 2013

This was the building, in Haines Falls, NY, where my wife’s Grandfather turned tree sap into maple syrup. It’s been a very long time since it’s been used, and has fallen into disrepair and been partially reclaimed by the surrounding forest. The perfect subject for a pen-and-ink drawing.

The Swinging Bridge, Palenville, NY
Jan. 2014

This bridge, spanning the Kaaterskill Creek near Catskill State Park, stood for nearly 100 years before being destroyed by Hurricane Irene in 2011. There are no plans at this time to replace it.