Recent Publications


1. Gu, S.; Choi, J.-W.; Lee, H.; Suh, D. J.; Choi, J.; Ha, J.-M.* "Improved catalytic depolymerization of lignin waste usingcarbohydrate derivatives", Environmental Pollution 2021, 268, 115674. (IF 6.792)


4. Park, L.-H.; Jo, Y. R.; Choi, J-W.; Suh, D. J.; Song, K. H.; Ha, J.-M.* "SiO2@MnOx@Na2WO4@SiO2 core-shell-derived catalyst for oxidative coupling of methane", RSC Advances 2020, 10, 37749-37756. (IF 3.119)
3. Yoon, S.; Lim, S.; Choi, J.-W.; Suh, D. J.; Song, K. H.; Ha, J.-M.* "Study on the unsteady state oxidative coupling of methane: effects of oxygen species from O2, surface lattice oxygen, and CO2 on the C2+ selectivity", RSC Advances 2020, 10, 35889-35897. (IF 3.119)
2. Lim, S.; Choi, J.-W.; Suh, D. J.; Lee, U.; Song, K. H.; Ha, J.-M.* "Low-temperature oxidative coupling of methane using alkaline earth metal oxide-supported perovskites", Catalysis Today 2020, 352, 127-133. (IF 4.888)

1. Y. Kim; J. Shim; J.-W. Choi; D. J. Suh; Y.-K. Park; U.Lee; J. Choi; Ha, J.-M.* "Continuous-flow production of petroleum-replacing fuels from highly viscous Kraft lignin pyrolysis oil using its hydrocracked oil as a solvent", Energy Conversion and Management 2020213, 112728. (IF 7.181)


5. Seo, J.; Kwon, J. S.; Choo, H.; Choi, J.-W.; Jae,J.; Suh, D. J.; Kim, S.; Ha, J.-M.* "Production of deoxygenated high carbon number hydrocarbons from furan condensates: Hydrodeoxygenation of biomass-based oxygenates", Chemical Engineering Journal 2019377, 119985. (IF 8.355)

4. Lim, S.; Choi, J.-W.; Suh, D. J.; Song, K. H.; Ham, H. C.*; Ha, J.-M.* "Combined experimental and density functional theory (DFT) studies on the catalyst design for the oxidative coupling of methane", Journal of Catalysis 2019375, 478-492. (IF 7.723)

3. Dwiatmoko, A. A.; Seo, J.; Choi, J.-W.; Suh, D. J.; Ha, J.-M.* "Improved activity of a CaCO3-supported Ru catalyst for the hydrodeoxygenation of eugenol as a model lignin-derived phenolic compound", Catalysis Communications 2019, 127, 45-50. (IF 3.674)

2. Kwon, J.S.; Choo, H.; Choi, J.-W.; Jae, J.; Suh, D. J.; Lee, K.-Y.; Ha, J.-M.* "Condensation of pentose-derived furan compounds to C15 fuel precursors using supported phosphotungstic acid catalysts: Strategy for designing heterogeneous acid catalysts based on the acid strength and pore structures", Applied Catalysis A: General 2019, 570, 238-244. (IF 4.630)

1. Son, D.; Gu, S.; Choi, J.-W.; Suh, D. J.; Jae, J.; Choi, J.; Ha, J.-M.;* "Production of phenolic hydrocarbons from organosolv lignin and lignocellulose feedstocks of hardwood, softwood, grass and agricultural waste", Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2019, 69, 304-314. (IF 4.978)


2. Gu, S.; Oh, H.-S.; Choi, J.-W.; Suh, D. J.; Jae, J.; Choi, J.*; Ha, J.-M.* "Effects of metal or metal oxide additives on oxidative coupling of methane using Na2WO4/SiO2 catalysts: Reducibility of metal additives to manipulate the catalytic activity", Applied Catalysis A: General 2018, 562, 114-119. (IF 4.521)

1. Kim, G.; Seo, J.; Choi, J.-W.; Jae, J.; Ha, J.-M.*;  
Suh, D. J.*; Lee, K.-Y.; Jeon, J.-K.; Kim, J.-K. "Two-step continuous upgrading of sawdust pyrolysis oil to deoxygenated hydrocarbons using hydrotreating and hydrodeoxygenating catalysts", Catalysis Today 2018, 303, 130-135. (IF4.636)