Track Information


A common question asked by parents of young and less experienced riders is which track they should nominate them for.

Without knowing the skill level of each individual rider, it is hard to say exactly which track would suit them.  However!   The advice I give to each parent and rider is to remember that you can always upgrade or downgrade from the track you nominate for.  If you feel the rider is ready to take the next step, then choose the next track up... you can always change if it is to hard.  

Please note that you can only nominate for one (1) track.

Parents that are riding and have less confident riders on the Novice and Pee Wee tracks.  We are more than happy for you to do a few laps with your rider.  Please be advised though.. that you are required to stay with your rider and go at a slow and steady pace.  Please be mindful of the less experienced riders on these tracks.


Our trail ride is able to take place due to the support given to us by our local landholders.   We do not have one or two huge properties that we are able to use... we have approx. 30!!

Our tracks can vary from year to year depending on which properties we have access to, and what stipulations are given to us by those owners.  We respect that this is for many, not only their home, but their livelihood.  We respect their requests and work with what we get.

Due to some of these restrictions, sometimes we do not get access to parts of the track until the weekend prior to the event, and we are unable to open fences between properties until the Friday before.  Hence why it is hard for us to give exact details of the track and it's length.   Fatty and the boys work hard to provide riders with a little bit of everything, and to get as much length to the track as possible.

We hope, and aim for approx. 25 - 30klm for the Open track, 10 - 15klm for the Advanced Novice section of the open and 4-6klm for the Novice.   Again, these track lengths may alter.

We have 4 tracks.

Pee Wee:   As the name states, this is a track suited for young children on smaller bikes.  This track has been slashed and has straights, bends and corners.  No hills and no man made jumps.   This track is also suitable for bikes with training wheels, but please keep in mind that this is a slashed track in the middle of a paddock, and clumps of grass is pretty much guaranteed.

Please be sure to supervise your children on the Pee Wee track.   We do have sweep riders riding the tracks, and they will endeavour to ride the Pee Wee at times to ensure that everyone is riding safely, but supervision of those riding the Pee Wee track falls on to their parent or guardian.   

Please ensure that your child's bike has enough fuel as we get a number of young riders running out of fuel - and usually down the back of the track!!

Novice:   For the beginner and less confident rider of all ages.   Both junior and senior Novice riders will have access to this track.  This track takes in a few gullys with straight sections and bends.  This track is only available to Novice riders.  Open and Advanced Novice riders will not have access to this track. 

Riders that are found to be more than capable to ride the Advanced Novice or Open tracks, and are 'tearin it up'  or roosting other riders, will be asked (told) to upgrade.  

If you Nominate for the Novice track and think to yourself 'this is to easy, or boring as bat sh**', then go and see the registrations tent and upgrade.  All you need to do is pay the difference ($35) and the volunteers will change your wrist band over.  You will then have the opportunity to ride the Advanced Novice and/or Open track.

Again, please ensure that your young riders have enough fuel in their bikes.

Advanced Novice:   If you are a rider that isn't quite ready to hit the open track, but feeling you would like to test the skills a little... then this is the one for you.  

The Advanced Novice track actually takes in part of the easier section of the Open.   Once the open gets a little more tricky, then your track will veer off and head you back to camp.   You do have the opportunity to continue on the open if you wish.   Please note, that Open riders will be riding the Advanced Novice section of the track.

This track will have a bit of everything.  Rocks (smaller varieties!), logs, straights, corners, bends, small hills, dust and hopefully a little mud if Mother Nature plays nice. 

If you nominate for this track, and find that its just to difficult.  Come and see the registrations tent to downgrade.  The volunteers will refund you your $35 (of course if its early in the weekend and you haven't been riding the Advanced Novice all weekend!!), and change your band over so that you can ride the Novice track.

Fuel stops are not necessary on this track.

Please be sure to take water with you on this track.  It can get a bit hot out there, and we find a lot of people are getting dehydrated because they haven't taken water with them.  Parents, please be sure that your children carry water.

Open:  Bits of everything for you guys.  Rocks (may be some big ones!), logs, straights, corners, bends, hills, dust and hopefully a small amount of mud.  

Fuel stops are not necessary with this track.   But water is.  Please be sure to carry water with you.  We get to many riders in trouble due to dehydration.  If you don't own a Camelbak, please consider purchasing this great investment. 💦