Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to wear boots?
Yes! This is for the safety of the rider.  Motorbike boots can be picked up at your local bike store or you may be lucky enough to pick up a second hand pair via ebay.   Boots need to cover the ankle.

Can my partner come along even though they do not ride?
Yes! Of course they can.  More the merrier!

How Long are the tracks?
Well, as the saying long is a piece of string?   Being that we use a large number of properties, we are unable to give an exact figure this early.  Please see our 'track information' page which will go into further details. 

Can we pay on the Day?
Entry Fees are preffered to be paid PRIOR to the Event.  By receiving nominations early, it helps us with catering and ensuring that you all get fed!   However, you are welcome to pay on the day.

A discounted rate is given to all riders that Pre-nominate AND Pay by the 8th September.  Any entries and payments received after this date will be charged an extra $10. 

Toilets? Showers?
We do have toilet facilities but no shower facilities are available on site. You are more than welcome to bring along your camp shower, but please be advised that you will also need to supply your own shower water....and soap!!

Our local Caravan Park - Standown Caravan Park - have allowed riders to use their showers if required.  They ask for a small fee of $3 per shower to help with water and power costs. 

Standown have asked that all riders wishing to use their showers, please do so between 4 and 6pm.  Please ensure that you respect their campers and keep the noise down!

Can my young son/daughter ride the Open Tracks?
This is a really hard question for us to answer as we are unaware of your childs riding ability. You and your child would have a better idea as to whether their skill level is up to that of the level needed to ride the open tracks. 
Each year our tracks change so what may have suited them last year, may not necessarily suit them this year.
We recommend that the capable rider try the Open track first and get a better feel for the track.   This will determin whether your Child would be suited for that Track.  Please ensure that a Capable Rider is riding with them at all times whilst riding the Open Track.
Remember that there is an Advanced Novice track.  This actually takes in part of the Open.   Advanced novice riders have the option to complete just that track, or venture on further onto the open track.

I'm nominating for the Open track, but can I ride with my child (or partner) on the Novice or Pee Wee track?
If you have a child or partner that is a less confident rider, we have no objections to you riding a few laps with them.  Please note, that it is required that you ride with them and at a slow and steady pace.  Please respect other riders on those tracks.

Is there an Age Restriction?
No.  We cater for all ages, and all skill levels.  Please be advised that our Sweeps are not baby sitters and that a Parent or Guardian is required to keep an eye on their child.  We also have a large number of PeeWee's and Young Novice Riders running out of fuel down the back paddocks!  Please ensure that their bikes are filled regularly.

Are there any fuel stops required?
Not at this stage. However, this may change.  We will keep you updated as the time draws near. 

Is there a Canteen?
There sure is! The canteen will be run by the P & C from Saturday morning until Sunday close. 
A Spit Roast will be available for just $12 a plate for Saturday nights Dinner.  

We recommend that riders use their free hamburger voucher Saturday or Sunday lunch and not leave it til late on Sunday... or you might miss out.

I hear you usually have a band. Will you be having one this year?
Yes! Over the past years, we have had local bands come in and entertain us all on Saturday evening. This year will be no exception! Looking forward to it!  Bring over your chair and catch up with fellow riders and tell them all about your day.

Will you be selling grog?
Yes.  The bar will be open from approx. 3pm until 10pm Saturday.  Selling spirits, cider and beer.

How do I go about Nominating?
All forms can be found on this site or our facebook page. Please forward your Pre-Nomination Form AND your Entry form along with your payment or direct deposit details to the contact number or address found on our 'Contact' page.  

Please remember that EVERY rider needs a separate Entry form completed, that also includes Children.  DO NOT list multiple riders on the one Indemnity Form.   This is a 2-sided form, so be sure to complete both sides, and Remember to Sign it!!!!

How Do I Pay?
All payment details are found on the bottom of the Pre-Paid Nomination Form...right along the bottom.  If pre-paying, you can do so via Direct Deposit or Cheque.   If paying on the day - cash only.

How Much?
All prices are listed on our flyer or on our 'prices' page. 

Please be advised that in order to nominate at the cheaper rate...we must receive your Forms AND your payment prior to the 8th September 2016. 

All entries received after this date, or paid on the day, will be required to pay the highter rate.

I only want to ride for one day.  Is there a day rate?
No.  There is only the one price. 

Why is the Advanced Novice track the same price as the Open?
Because the Advanced Novice track is actually part of the Open track.  These riders have the option to veer off once the track gets harder and head back to camp, or they can continue on, completing the remainder of the open track.

Can we camp?
Camping is welcomed and is free of charge.  Camping is available from mid Friday afternoon and Saturday night.
Can we have a Fire?
Everyone loves a camp fire, but unfortunately the answer is NO! NO! NO! 

We are using our local Pony Club Grounds, and it is a stipulation from them, that we do not have any fires.  Please respect their wishes. 

That includes Braziers...  NO FIRES AT ALL. 

I see the flyer says no dogs.  Can I bring my puppy?     (yes, I have been asked this question!)
Is it a dog?....  then No!             
Don't care if it's on a leash.  Leave it at home.