Our School                                                                                                                                             

Kia Ora State Primary School is a small country school approx. 25klm out of Gympie.  Approximately 60 students from the Kia Ora, Neerdie, Goomboorian and Ross Creek Communities are currently enrolled at Kia Ora Primary.  
Our school offers a Prep - Year 7 Curriculum across three class rooms with 2 teachers and 1 teaching Principal as well as our hands on Teacher Aides.
Kia Ora also offers L.O.T.E, Music and Physical Education bringing in specialized teachers for these subjects.

Our P & C

The P & C of Kia Ora State Primary School is very hands on. With the support of the staff, we have been able to fundraise and purchase items that benefit not only the children enrolled at the school, but the Community as a whole.
Over the years, the P & C have contributed to Camp Fees, Bus and Excursion Fees, Classroom fridges, Airconditioners, Water Coolers, Play Equipment, Sports Equipment, Learning Aids and much more.  We have recently upgraded the cooking facilities of our tuckshop and have had a new Sports Shed erected.  
The P&C has also kindly helped subsidize the cost of those year 5 and 6 students that attend the Canberra Camp.
Our main fundraiser for our P & C is the Kia Ora Community Trail Ride. This event takes place in September each year.

The Ride!

The Kia Ora Community Trail Ride is the major fundraiser for our school P & C. It takes a darn lot of lamington and pie drives to make the same amount of money as that raised by our trail ride.

This is a Family Friendly event with riders ranging from just 4 up to the more Mature of Riders!!! 

Each year, our tracks vary.  The size and location of each years track is is dependant on the Land that we secure as we use a large number of private properties and it all comes down to Landholder Permission.  Each year we have a Open, Advanced Novice, Novice and Pee Wee track.   Something to suit all skill levels and ages.  

This event includes many Community Members, Business's and Organisations such as the Neerdie and Goomboorian Rural Fire Brigades, Kia Ora Pony Club, Ross Creek Store, Goomboorian Store and the wonderful landholders that allow us access to their properties. 

It is all systems go for the 2017 Kia Ora Trail Ride.



Thank you goes out to Charlie Hill.  Charlie has been in contact with all the Landholders in relation to the tracks and where we can and can not go.   Now it's up to Fatty, Charlie, Paul and the boys to mark out the tracks.  The next number of weeks are going to be full on.

There are a number of people who come along each year and help out over the course of the 2 day event.  From registrations, sweeps, canteen, track gates and road crossings.   To all of those that Volunteer at the Kia Ora Trail Ride, we thank you.   By having the support of these wonderful people, it helps to ensure that all runs smoothly. Each year we are amazed by the amount of Volunteers that have no connection with our school.  So a special thank you goes out to you.  :)