About the Center

Our center interprets the Kettle Falls fishery, which has been described as one of the most important historical sites in the Western United States.  The center also interprets other historical sites, including the historic St. Paul's Mission, Hudsons Bay's Fort Colvile and U.S. Military's Fort Colville .
St. Paul's Mission, and views of the former sites of the the Falls and Fort Colville (now under water), are points of interest along our short interpretive trail. Also look for the old portage road, historic cemetery, and ancient harpoon sharpening stone.

KFHC features the "People of the Falls" interpretive exhibit...
join us for a journey into the past and celebrate the lives of our local indigenous tribes.
The Kettle Falls Historical Center believes the history of the Kettle Falls area must be preserved. The Center seeks members with the same belief.
The Kettle Falls Historical Center is officially recognized by the Stevens County Commissioners and the Colville Confederated Tribes.
Our Mission
The Kettle Falls Historical Center is a community based, nonprofit organization which preserves and interprets the heritage and cultures of the diverse peoples of Kettle Falls.  Our focus spans prehistory to the creation of Lake Roosevelt. We serve our community residents and visitors through educational and recreational programs and exhibits, and the nurturing of cultural activities which reflect our focus.