P.F.23720 Pro-Forma Invoice £2525.00 Add to Basket 
B.9720.1 Bespoke Order 1 @ Black Brushed Polyester cover set + backrest inset to fit Titan secret lab gaming chair:
Backrest 58cm wide x 86cm high; seat 54cm x 54cm  £39.10 GBP Add to Basket 
B.8720.1 Bespoke Order 
1 @ Black Brushed Polyester cover set + backrest inset to fit chair
 Backrest 51cm wide x68cm high; seat 51cm wide x 52cm deep  £26.50 Add to Basket 
PF.24120.1 Pro-Forma Invoice  £13.60 Add to Basket 
PF.251119.1 Pro-Forma Invoice  £149.60  Add to Basket 
PF. 101019.1 Pro-Forma Invoice £168.00  Add to Basket 
PF. 11919.1 Pro-Forma Invoice  £112.20 Add to Basket 
B.26619 Bespoke Order 
1 @ Purple polyester spandex cover set to fit RHL Logic 400 office chair £19.99 +p.p.£4.60  Add to Basket
B.30519.1 Bespoke Order 
1 @ Navy Blue brushed polyester cover set to fit chair
backrest 61cm high x 54>36cm wide; seat 50cm deep x 52cm wide. £9.35 1 backrest inset £2.85 postage (UK) £4.80 Add to Basket 
B.14319.1 Bespoke order 
as per Pro Forma Invoice B.14319.1  £241.95 Add to Basket 
B.12219.1 Bespoke order 
1 @ AutumnBrown brushed polyester cover set to fit chair:
backrest 47cm wide x 62cm high; seat 52cm deep x 54cm wide. £18.70 + pp £4.00= £22.70 total Add to Basket 
B.10219.1 Seat cover 
1 @ black polyester elastane seat cover to fit 50-52cm width/ depth. special price £5.90 + pp£2.80 Add to Basket 
B.27119.1 Bespoke order 
1 @ Navy blue poly.visc.spandex Cover Set to fit office chair
backrest 47cm wide x 58cm high; Seat 52cm wide x 47cm deep.£18.70 + pp £4.00 +vat Add to Basket 
B.201218.1 Bespoke Order
1 @ black brushed polyester cover set to fit office chair:
backrest52cm.Widex74cmHighx12<19cmThick; seat 52cm.wide x 52cm. deep £18.70+pp£4.00+vat Add to Basket 
PF301118.1 for pro-forma invoice 301118.1 £837.12 Add to Basket 
PF21018.1 for Invoice 21018.1 / PO 1000021309 / REQ 27587 £720.48  Add to Basket 
B.28918.1 Bespoke Order 
1 @ cherry red brushed polyester cover set to fit office chair:
backrest 51.5cm wide x 73.5cm high; seat 50cm deep x 53.5cm wide. £18.70. 1 backrest inset £5.70 pp £ 4.80 (uk) +vat. Add to Basket 
B.12918.1 Bespoke Order
1 @ pure wool seat cover 48cm x 48cm French Blue £20 + pp £4.80 Add to Basket 
B.17718.1 Bespoke Order
 1 black polyester /elastane cover set to fit office chair:
backrest 46cm wide x 52.5cm. high; seat 44cm deep x 49cm wide. £18.70 +p.p. £4.80 Add to Basket  
B.28618.1 Bespoke Order
1 black brushed polyester cover set to fit chair size:
backrest 82cm high x 54cm wide; seat 52cm deep x 55cm. wide £20.80 +pp £4.80 Add to Basket 

How to Order a Bespoke made Cover
Please choose the fabric and colour for your new cover from the list below and send the details with your office chair size ( seat width and depth; backrest height and width and the shape of the backrest), to   A picture of the chair is helpful. Measure straight across at the widest/highest point as you would find in the chair manufacturer's specifications.

Bespoke Made colours and fabrics

BLACK: available in 100% brushed polyester tricot double knit, or 95% polyester 5% elastane

GRAY: available in 76% polyester 19% viscose 5% elastane

NAVY BLUE: available in double knit 76% polyester 19% viscose 5% elastane; or brushed polyester tricot

TEAL: available in double knit 95% polyester 5% elastane

ROYAL BLUE: available in brushed polyester tricot

CHERRY RED: available in brushed polyester tricot 

AUTUMN BROWN: available in brushed polyester tricot

95%polyester5%elastane is a soft yet strong double knitted fabric that is very durable. Suitable for fabric or mesh upholstery only

76%polyester19%viscose5%elastane is a soft, cloth like double knitted fabric. Suitable for fabric or mesh upholstery only

Brushed Polyester  is a super-soft, strong fabric that is suitable for all types of upholstery coverings and is especially recommended for very worn chairs where the original covering is broken or damaged. Can give extra comfort on long work hours

Extra Backrest Pieces
If the backrest has fabric also on the reverse side of the backrest, and not plastic, you might wish to cover that also. An extra piece of fabric to cover this is available. Please see price list below.

Bespoke Made Prices:
95% Polyester 5% Elastane cover sets £ 18.70
PolyViscoseSpandex cover sets: £18.70
Brushed polyester cover sets £18.70
PolyViscoseSpandex seat only cover from £ 10.80
Brushed polyester seat only cover from £ 10.80
Extra backrest pieces of fabric (unsewn) £ 5.70 each
Prices may vary on large sizes.
* UK postage. International postage costs are displayed at the checkout.