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Kerrykins does not gather details of customers except their purchase history. This is to assist in any future purchases or complaints. Contact details are deleted every 8-10 weeks or earlier. Shopping cart history is deleted every 8-10 weeks or earlier. Kerrykins does not pass on nor allow any 3rd party to use of customers' details.  Card payment services merchant monthly statements are held safely and securely until destroyed. Customer information is stored securely and  supervised by a trained person.
Kerrykins is presently Not Vat Registered so there is no tax on your orders 

Kerrykins Covers for Office Chairs was established in 2011 in Edinburgh, Scotland, designing, making and selling decorative removable coverslips for office chairs to serve the needs of businesses and organizations. We are currently based in Cumbernauld, near Glasgow.
Tel.   **44 (0)1236731366 
email: Kerrykins@kerrykins.com (preferred contact)
Kerrykins 39 Millcroft Road Cumbernauld Scotland G67 2QE  U.K.
Which cover to buy?
If you need a cool, breathable cover for your office chair, choose our range  polyester/viscose/spandex  or  polyester/elastane Suitable for swivel fabric or mesh office chairs that have a separate backrest and seat. Not suitable for office chairs that have backrest and seat joined together at the armrest.  These covers are machine-washable and are free from flame retardant chemicals that can cause cancers or sterility.
Kerrykins  brushed polyester covers are suitable for all types of office chair upholstery. They are great for extra comfort for those long work hours. and are recommended for chairs where the original upholstery has worn through.
These covers are machine-washable and are not treated with sprays or flame retardant chemicals that can cause cancers or sterility.
Kerrykins  pure wool seat covers  are naturally flame retardant and can help stop the spread of fire by acting as a barrier. The covers are ideal for workplaces where there has to be at least crib 5 or crib 7 flame retardant specs. The pure wool seat covers not machine washable. These covers are free from flame retardant chemicals that can cause cancers or sterility. 
The backrest piece covers the front of the backrest only. Extra pieces are available to cover the reverse of the backrest also.
How do they work?
Watch our fitting demonstration on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvh1rBxncs4 and see how simply a Kerrykins cover can be fitted
Kerrykins office chair cover sets are designed for swivel / revolving type of office chairs and have 2 separate pieces: - one piece to fit the seat part of the chair and one piece to fit the backrest part of the chair. To work, they need to be able to individually fit around the backrest and sides.
What chairs are not suitable? 
If your office chair has armrests that are joined to both the backrest and the seat and would prevent the cover from fitting around, Kerrykins will probably not be able to fit.
   If your office chair is a one-piece chair and the back is moulded together without any divide, Kerrykins will not be able to fit.
   If your office chair has a design that does not have 4 clear edges on either side or the backrest part, Kerrykins will most likely not fit.
If your office chair is not any of the  sizes listed, or if you're not sure, ask to have a cover Bespoke made. Prices are on the Bespoke webpage.
Extra backrest pieces 
If you need an extra piece of fabric to cover the reverse side of the backrest, please include this in your order. Price £8.00  
Despatch times  Purchases are generally despatched in 1working day. Bespoke orders usually take a little longer. Delivery is via Royal Mail tracked 24 (UK)  International sales are currently not available
Safety Standards  
Kerrykins covers for office chairs products comply with British fire safety standards for small removable decorative covers,(per exemption for removable chair decorations, seat pads, cushion covers and chair throws) and carry the required care labels
Q. from Nicola in Dundee
I was wondering if your seat covers are made of fire retardant material?
 Kerrykins polyester spandex covers are naturally fire resistant. Also, Kerrykins covers are low fire risk because of their size ( less thn 60 cm2 per piece)

Returns and Refunds
      Kerrykins Covers for Office Chairs are guaranteed for reasonable use and to fit the size of chair they are designed for.   Should an issue or problem arise about any of Kerrykins covers, please contact Customer Service at  kerrykins@kerrykins.com  or **44(0)1236731366
If a customer decides to return their purchase for a refund,  Kerrykins allows 14 days after delivery, to notify us of the intention to return the item(s) for a refund, and a further 14 days from notification to Kerrykins, to return (or provide proof of posting ) their purchases for a refund. Buyer pays return postage (UK).  Refunds will be processed same day (or next working day) of receiving the returned covers, or proof of posting of the covers. Goods must be  returned in original condition, thanks.
EU buyers can return items by post using the pre-paid returns label sent along with your item.
 For faster refunds, EU buyers can provide to us a proof of posting ticket available at the post office when you post your returns. Please send this in an email to kerrykinsdesign@gmail.com  Please make sure the writing on the ticket is clear and can be read.

Sale items are non-returnable
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