Electric Solidbody 6 string guitar
This is a handmade, handcarved, one of a kind guitar I built last year.  It is the first solid body guitar I have built.  This instrument is for sale, if you are interested please contact me at keolwyn@yahoo.com

This guitar is my own design.  It is inspired by old archtop guitars insofar as having a  higher raised bridge, the use of a classical tailpiece similar to a cello, carved f holes, and  a more extreme neck angle, features I am accustomed to from my work as a musician on electric bowed instruments, but it really has a feel to play of its own. 

     The instrument balances well when sitting with the horn on the knee or in a classical position, and is relatively light for a strap.   The bridge is a 3 piece wooden floating bridge with a set intonation but is adjustable in height to set the action by sliding a wooden peg, an idea that came to me from looking at D'aquisto guitars.  It has 27 frets and is a 25 1/2 inch scale length.  The current pickup is a seymour Duncan antiquity, but this could be changed if so desired, I have also been considering a Kent Armstrong or an ESP.   A second pickup could be added if desired.

     The body core and neck are made of african mahoghany, with decorative tops of padouk and green poplar woods in bookmatches.  There are small pieces of canary wood in the detailing of the headstock scroll and at the base of the instument.  The tailpiece is ipe and madagascar rosewood, with a bridge of bucote and padouk, and a coca bola nut.  The fingerboard is madagascar rosewood, with neck stripes of yellowheart. 

     I am currently making tiny final adjustments to this guitar as I play it, working on the next one which will be a 7 string similar to this(photos forthcoming when ready), and I am looking for a buyer for this instrument, so if you are interested please contact me at keolwyn@yahoo.com.