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The Kellogg Street Farm is a community gardening &
self-sufficiency project
of, by, and for the tenants
on Kellogg Street
in Portland, Maine.  [ MAP ]
The goal is to create a garden plot for each unit  ( 12 total )and some smaller plots for children to learn & practice cultivation.
As soon as approval can be gained from the Portland Housing Authority and the materials obtained, then the plots can be built and the first planting can happen in the next growing season.  This is our hope.  This is the goal toward which we are working. 
The project should be self-sustaining, eventually.   Once the plots are built, they will become part of life for Kellogg Street families.  However, it is always more sustainable to have organizational partnership(s).   To have a ready friendly partner who can offer advice over the years as needed on such things as the best most economical source(s) for seeds, soil tests, soil enrichments, tools, stakes, twine, fencing/netting, buckets, hoses, stones/wood/hardware for garden wall maintenance, etc..
The most obvious partner would seem to be Cultivating Community.   They are located in a converted housing unit at Kennedy Park and operate the Boyd Street Urban Farm and their various programs from those good offices.  However, like all non-profits, they are short on staff, resources, and organizational capacity.  Kellogg Street, being about 10 blocks away, carries that additional logistical burden.  Though not an insurmountable burden, it is a factor in the equation which must be solved.   Since there really is nothing else remotely close to  Cultivating Community it would seem that some sort of symbiotic relationship can be developed by making the most of this opportunity to grow & cultivate community and all be the better for it.  Keep Hope Alive!
For more information or to offer assistance, please contact kelloggstreetfarm@gmail.com
Thank you!

Kellogg Street Farm - August 23, 2009

 "I know of no pursuit
in which more real and important services
can be rendered to any country than by
improving its agriculture." 
                                                       - George Washington