Updated site can be found here   https://sites.google.com/view/kauffmanphysics2/home

Best way to reach me   gkstoneware@gmail.com
welcome to 12 U Physics. Please join both remind and google classroom

Period 1 class code for remind 4k7bg8 google classroom wwdugma
Mastering physics course ID  KAUFFMANPERIOD1

Period 3 Remind.com class code  7b623e  google classroom dxegrvw
access code (provided in good time)  password Bishopallen1 please

Mastering phsyics course ID  PERIOD3KAUFFMAN

Tutor, (former BA student and Engineering grad. ( Artem 647-780-8409)
"Effective parent and student communication, high level of specific content expertise, flexible and genuinely hilarious. Made physics just that much more fun!"  $40/h at his home $50/h elsewhere

Another tutor  recommended by a former student   Drew  Patterson  $50/h