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Miguel Leiria Pereira was born in Lisbon in 1971, and started his double bass studies at the Lisbon Conservatory with professors António Ferreira and João Panta Nunes. He did undergraduate double bass studies at Academia Nacional Superior de Orquestra (ANSO) with Professor Bernard Madrennes and finished his bachelor degree at the Lisbon Superior School of Music (ESML) under orientation of Professor Yuri Axenov. With a scholarship from the company Grupo Alcântara he took double bass lessons with Professor Gary Karr at his Karrkamp at the University of Victoria (Canada), and with a scholarship from the Portuguese Culture Ministry studied during two years and a half at West Texas A & M University (USA-Texas), and Butler University (USA-Indiana) with Professor David Murray. In 1991 He was awarded first prize at the “Carpe Diem" national music festival (Portugal), in 1994 he was warded first prize in the Portuguese national radio's Young Musicians Prize Competition (Portugal), and in 1998 he was awarded the second prize at the Butler University Concerto Contest (Indiana-USA). As orchestra musician he collaborated with the Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra, Portuguese Symphony Orchestra, Lisbon Sinfonieta, Cascais and Oeiras Chamber Orchestra, Amarillo Symphony (Texas), and Butler Symphony (Indiana). As he keeps the double bass teaching position of the Lisbon National Conservatory, Miguel Leiria Pereira's performance areas are the double bass solo repertoire, chamber music, orchestra, improvised and other forms of creative music.