Welcome to the Karl Malbrain home page.

I'm an electrical engineer from UC Berkeley, and work as Chief Programmer.

Please see my LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karl-malbrain-a006343
or my github page: https://github.com/malbrain
I've been programming since I was 14, starting in assembly
COBOL and FORTRAN on the IBM 7094 and Honeywell 400 computers
at UCLA and USC.

A distinguished database engineer
and member of the National Academy of Engineering,
who was unfortunately lost at sea a few years ago,
 says that I'm the best programmer in the United States!

A member of the National Academy of Sciences,
and Bruce Nelson Professor of Computer Science at CMU, gave me his special
Turing Machine Repair award while teaching at Berkeley!

I've published an informal paper on B-Tree latching for synchronous node deletion
I have several Google code pages where I've posted my C code from several projects:
Dynamic Huffman coding for Professor Vitter's invariant * for FGK
Compression package based on Burrows-Wheeler-Transform
Byte oriented Advanced Encryption Standard
High performance B-Tree indexing package
Bit-mapped Dynamic Memory Allocator
Small-footprint Secure Remote Password package
Judy Array implementation in 1250 Lines of C Code
An XSD regular expression on-the-fly compiler and evaluator in 750 lines of C Code

I also have several GitHub repositories with more recent projects:

 I've developed, with Paul Pedersen and Roger Bamford,
 a JavaScript interpreter with built-in NoSQL operations

A modern log-structured-merge (LSM) B-tree implementation:

A compact HatTrie implementation:


Paul McJones
Retired from software R&D (Adobe, DEC, Tandem, Xerox, IBM)

I met Karl at the University of California, Berkeley, where we were both engineering undergraduates
and both employed by the Campus Computer Center as programmers on a research project
to design and implement the CAL Timesharing System. Karl was a bright, imaginative,
and very productive programmer. I haven’t worked with him since those days,
but I’ve followed his career and I’ve been impressed at his central, long-term role at Petz Enterprises,
and also his involvement in state-of-the-art open source projects.

Roger Bamford
Distinguished Engineer at MongoDB

Karl writes excellent code that is super efficient and meticulously constructed. He's fast, top-notch, and a pleasure to work with.