You can apply to become a member of the Kapiti Pony Club, riding and non-riding memberships are available. 
We have an annual subscription fee, a club uniform, and regular rallies to get together and learn about equine care and riding.
If you are interested in knowing more about joining please contact one of our committee members below or visit us at the Kapiti Pony Club, Raumati Road.

Kapiti Pony Club Uniforms: Purchases /orders of shirts - contact Jen please. If you are a senior member and would like your shirt  printed with the "Kapiti" logo on the back to match the new ones -  label your shirt well with your name and give to Jen with $5.

Kapiti Pony Club Committee:
What do they do for you?
Club President:
Represents Kapiti Pony Club at all Horowhenua meetings;Presides at all general and committee meetings of the Kapiti Pony Club. Ensures that the business agenda may be conducted in conformity under the rules and regulations of the national governing body of the NZPCA. Convenes or instructs the Secretary to convene all meetings of the Club or its committee; Liaises with community leaders and key stakeholders with the aim of fostering the aims and objectives of Kapiti Pony Club
Club Secretary:
Takes minutes at all committee meetings.  Minutes are recorded in an A4 book and then typed out for distribution to all members. Updates Membership details via the NZPCA spreadsheet records.  Add things like certificates gained, new members details, members who have left etc.
Receives and forwards emails and information from Horowhenua PC and other sources to our members. Sends group text and/or group email reminders to all members for working bees, meetings etc. Collects membership forms and files them.
Club Treasurer:
Every month the Treasurer checks the bank statements for Kapiti Pony Club (Raumati and Poplar Avenue) and then updates the grazing spreadsheet with amounts paid by all grazers.  Arranges for all grazers to have automatic payments, and actions penalty for late payments.  Records all income (grazing, subscriptions, sale of badges/books/uniforms) and expenditure (rent, rates, electricity, wormers, affiliation fees, rallies etc) - and each month compiles and presents the Treasurer's report to the Committee.  At the end of the financial year the accounts are audited by an accredited accountant.  The treasurer has to keep her/his finger on the pulse (so to speak) to ensure there is enough money in the bank account to pay the bills.  The tasks can be time consuming and takes about 4-6 hours per month.
Club Events Co-ordinator:
Kapiti Pony Club has weekly rallies (instructed lessons for our riders) so the Co-ordinator is responsible for planning and organising the activities and instructors every week. They manage the instruction to enable riders to gain their certificates over the course of the year. They also plan and organise other KPC events (gymkhanas, camps, clinics and holidays programmes, team activities such as games practices, treks or visits to other pony club or riding venues) and advise the Committee what is on. They have to have a really good relationship with other Pony Clubs and equine experts to provide visiting speakers, instructors etc. This year we have also had 'Introduction to Pony Club' classes after school which involved the Co-ordinator in planning and advertising.  
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RoleCommitte MembersContact Info
RoleCommitte MembersContact Info
Website Vicki Hosegood 021 588667 
Senior Instructor Toni Gray  
Rider's Rep Molly Taylor  
Pony Club President Clive Puna 027 356 3622 
Grounds Manager Lily Mann 027 237 5055 
Grazing Manager & VP  Jen Olley ph 04 298 9550 
Fundraising Jan Booth 021 144 0140 
Events Coordinators C/o Jen Olley 04 2989550 
Club Treasurer Janice Gordon 021 767 447 
Club Secretary C/- Jann Booth  
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