First World War

Suggestions of printed resources to assist with studies on the First World War. You can find more titles on the Library Catalogue and information using e-resources from East Lothian Libraries.

My First World War
James, Daniel; Imperial War Museum (Great Britain)
This book provides real-life accounts from people who lived, worked and fought during the First World War

World War I
Adams, Simon.
This title is an exciting and informative guide to the Great War that centred on Europe between 1914-1918. Stunning real-life photographs, illustrating the people, places and stories, offer a unique 'eyewitness' view of the conflict dubbed the 'war to end all wars'

The flowers of the forest: Scotland and the First World War
Royle, Trevor
Providing an account of the war that changed Scotland irrevocably, this book illustrates the importance of Scotland in the defeat of the Kaiser's Germany. It examines themes such as the performance of Scottish military formations in 1915 and 1916, and the militarisation of the Scottish homeland.

Headlines of World War I
Coster, Patience

Machines and Weaponry of World War I
This series provides a high-interest, highly visual introduction to key military machines. This particular volume looks at the First World War and the military vehicles and weapons which helped win the war

War in the trenches: remembering World War One
Hicks, Peter
This title gives accounts of life in the trenches during World War One, and relates the tales of bravery, courage and adversity of the soldiers who fought there.

In the trenches in World War I
Hibbert, Adam
One of a series of titles covering key events and issues in modern history from the viewpoint of eyewitnesses and those who were personally involved.

The First World War
Brook, Henry et al.
This title provides a thought-provoking introduction to Britain's involvement in the First World War. It explores life before the war, conditions in the trenches and how the war extended beyond Europe.

Bravery in World War 1
Hicks, Peter.
As part of the series 'Beyond the Call of Duty', this book gives accounts of the many men and women in World War I who saved lives, overcame adversity, and improved the lives of others through their acts of heroism and bravery. These real-life stories are accompanied by images from the National Archives, offering a unique insight into the courage and valour of men and women in the First World War.