Poetry Corner

posted 18 Jun 2010, 05:54 by Carla Taylor   [ updated 14 Oct 2015, 13:14 ]

Here students will be able to find help on poetry that they are studying in class for exams. 


In this first section you can find helpful links to BBC Bitesize for some of the poems you are doing in class.

Carol Ann Duffy
You can find materials to help you revise all of the poems that you are studying in classThe link below will take you to the main page in BBC Bitesize for Carol Ann Duffy's poems. On it pupils can find notes on the poems, tests to help them revise and some videos that may be of interest to them.


Liz Lochhead
Below you can find materials that pupils can you use to help them revise the poems that they are doing from Liz Lochhead. The link below will take you to the BBC 
Bitesize page for Liz Lochhead's poems. On the BBC Bitesize page you can find helpful tests to revise poems and look at notes that analyse the poems if you are unsure about anything.

Above is a poster with a quote from View of Scotland/Love Poem and also some of her tips for learning a poem for class or an exam.

* All posters used above are from the Scottish Poetry Library Website *

Scottish Poetry Library
One resource that students have available to them is the Scottish Poetry Library. You can use this website to find out about new poets and popular poems. Below are some links to different areas of the website that may be of interest to pupils.
  • Best Scottish Poems - Find out about some of the popular Scottish Poems from each year.
  • Our National Poet - Take a look and find out some information on Our National Poet.
  • Search For A Poem - Search for a poem that you know the name of and find out about the poet and have a look at the poem.
  • Search For A Poet - Search for a poet from choosing what the poets era was and if they are female or male and what language they write their poems in.