posted 29 Jul 2010, 10:00 by Carla Taylor   [ updated 2 Mar 2018, 03:29 by W Plain ]
Want to download a new app but don't know what one to get. Look no further. Here you can find the apps that everybody's downloading.

Apps to help with studying

These apps are  perfect for everyone going through exams and tests at the moment. Its the official SQA app for keeping track of your exam dates, exam results and even a  study plan if you like to be that little bit more organised.

My Study Plan - This app is great for planning your time out every for how much time you want to spend revising for you exams. You can enter how much free time you have into the app and what priority all your subjects are. The app will then create a study plan for how much time and what subjects you could be revising for everyday. 

My Exams - This app has also became very popular for students as you can see the timetable for all your exams. It is also good as it gives you tips on things like note taking and guidance on the exam protocol. Also information on the results service that the SQA offers. The app also offers 
  • Past paper tips and how they can help you 
  • Help with the exam stress and how certain things might reduce it
  • Information on what it will be like in the exam eg. invigilators, desks, question papers, absences, writing your answers

More apps
Here are some popular games that people are downloading and all can be found on the play store. (All apps shown have no in-app purchases)                                                                                                                                

 Don't Tap The White Tile
 Instagram   Dubsmash  Shazam
  Dumb Ways To Die   2048    Floppy Bird    Link Dots