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Want to download a new app but don't know what one to get. Look no further. Here you can find the apps that everybody's downloading.

Apps to help with studying

These apps are  perfect for everyone going through exams and tests at the moment. Its the official SQA app for keeping track of your exam dates, exam results and even a  study plan if you like to be that little bit more organised.

My Study Plan - This app is great for planning your time out every for how much time you want to spend revising for you exams. You can enter how much free time you have into the app and what priority all your subjects are. The app will then create a study plan for how much time and what subjects you could be revising for everyday. 

My Exams - This app has also became very popular for students as you can see the timetable for all your exams. It is also good as it gives you tips on things like note taking and guidance on the exam protocol. Also information on the results service that the SQA offers. The app also offers 
  • Past paper tips and how they can help you 
  • Help with the exam stress and how certain things might reduce it
  • Information on what it will be like in the exam eg. invigilators, desks, question papers, absences, writing your answers

More apps
Here are some popular games that people are downloading and all can be found on the play store. (All apps shown have no in-app purchases)                                                                                                                                

 Don't Tap The White Tile
 Instagram   Dubsmash  Shazam
  Dumb Ways To Die   2048    Floppy Bird    Link Dots




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Come and see what artists are topping the charts here.  

Local Radio Stations
                    Capital FM                                                     Kerrang Radio                      

                    East Coast FM                                                    Forth One 

Top of the Charts 
Here are some websites that can tell you what artists are topping the charts.

                         Radio 1 - The Official Chart                              The UK Big Top 40

Pupil Librarian Of The Month

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Here you can find out who the pupil librarian of the month is. The pupil will by Mr Plain and the head pupil librarian and will be  chosen based on their behaviour, how much they help out, how much they attend the shifts they are scheduled and how much work they do while on shift. 

February 2017

Melissa Cuthbertson is February's Pupil Librarian of the Month, as voted for by her fellow Pupil Librarians. For her assistance to Mr Plain in preparing the library for opening to the school community. 

September 2016

Angus Langlands is September's Pupil Librarian of the Month. Mr Plain is very impressed with the way Angus is conducting himself volunteering at King's Meadow Primary School Library. He should be very proud of the work he is doing. 

March 2016
Eilidh Graham is March's Pupil Librarian of the Month. Mr Plain and Carla are very impressed with her progress in her Bronze Award. Eilidh has also covered library duties for her Pupil Librarian colleagues.

February 2016
Mr Plain, Carla and John had a dilemma this month as two Pupil Librarians had stepped above and beyond the call of normal duties. Marilyn Briggs and Sarah Greenwell have both earned Pupil Librarian of the Month certificates for service to the library. Marilyn has been assisting training of another Pupil Librarian and Sarah has ensured the library environment is conducive to learning and tidy by keeping desks clear and emptying the recycle bins.

January 2016

The Pupil Librarian of the month for January is Angus Langlands. Angus created a Tam O'Shanter power-point and presented it at the Burns Night in school on Thursday 28th January. Mr Plain and Head Pupil Librarian, Carla Taylor, felt this demonstrated Pupil Librarians working across the school community.

December 2015
This month Mr Plain and the Head Pupil Librarian have decided that for this month the Pupil Librarian of the Month is Jason Collings. During this month Jason has joined our team and has been busy learning the ropes and completing many tasks set to him by the Assistant Head Pupil Librarian. From which Jason has completed at ease and has also been helping the team with the Christmas display this month.

November 2015
This month Mr Plain and the Head Pupil Librarian have decided that for this month the Pupil Librarian of the Month is Angus Langlands. During this month the Pupil Librarian Team have been busy with displays in the run up to Robert Louis Stevenson Day and also for the Christmas display. This month Angus has been a great help and has been deeply involved with the displays. He helped to put the Robert Louis Stevenson display up and also helped Mr Plain with the World War display that students from the History department have created. For this Angus had to select a number of books for both displays to be put up for students to read.

October 2015
This month Mr Plain and the Head Pupil Librarian have decided that for this month the Pupil Librarian of the Month is Emily Clyne. During this month Emily has been working really well with the rest of the team and has completed individual and team work tasks for our latest display for Robert Louis Stevenson Day next month. Emily has also contributed greatly in discussions during meetings and has shown a great interest when it came to discussing the layout of the Robert Louis Stevenson display. 

September 2015
This month Mr Plain and the Head Pupil Librarian have decided that for this month the Pupil Librarian of the Month is Louise Allan. During this month Louise has started the training program for Pupil Librarians. During meetings she has shown enthusiasm in tasks, has became deeply involved many discussions and has suggested new ideas for the development of the library.

June 2015
This month Mr Plain and the Head Pupil Librarian have decided that for this month the Pupil Librarian of the Month is Connor Lynn. During this month we have had the P7's up for their two day visit to Knox. In preparation to this the Pupil Librarian Team was tasked to come up with ideas on what they should do to promote the library and the Pupil Librarian Team to the P7's. During these discussions Connor gave excellent input and helped to come to the decision to prepare a decision. Again Connor offered excellent input on how to make the presentation interesting and what could be possibly added to it, to best describe what the Pupil Librarian Team do.

May 2015
This month Mr Plain and the Head Pupil Librarian have decided that for this month the Pupil Librarian of the Month is Finley Brown. This month with the seniors off school with being on study leave and the seniors of the Pupil Librarian Team also being away, Finley has shown great maturity as she took on the role of Head Pupil Librarian with out being asked. She did so by making sure that all the junior members of the team were attending their shifts and also making the sure the library is running smoothly.  

April 2015
Mr Plain and the Head Pupil Librarian have decided that for this month the Pupil Librarian of the Month is Sarah Greenwell. Sarah has attended every shift and meeting this month and has shown a positive attitude this month, towards all tasks that she has been asked to complete.

Our Library Team

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Here you can find out information about our schools library team.

The school library is managed by Ms R. Fry; and is supported by a group of Pupil Librarians. 

The Pupil Librarian Team is ran by the Head Pupil Librarian, Louise Allan.

The Pupil Librarian Team consists of students from all year groups, who all volunteer to help and be part of the team.   

Study Skills

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When it comes to study time everybody needs a little bit of help. Here you can find some links on some websites that might be helpful. 
The SQA website can be really helpful. On it you can find past papers for subjects, specimen papers for subjects, the exam timetable and some materials that can help with revision like a study guide. 
Our school website is full of stuff that can aid you with revision. Just go onto the subject your studying and choose the level that you are studying at and see what is available. However not every subject has stuff on the website that can aid revision, so go and ask your teacher and that might be able to recommend a website or maybe a book that can help you. 
Here you can find a large collections of books that are on offer. You can search for a book through a name, author or genre. But when you find the book you are looking for, you can see where it is available and can reserve the book if it is available. If your not sure on how to reserve and login then just go to the schools library and get a leaflet, that gives you a step by step guide on how to use the catalogue. 
This is a programme offered by Herriot Watt University. It is a collection of materials for different subjects. It has a large amount of resources with helpful tutorials and tasks that can aid your learning. 


Poetry Corner

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Here students will be able to find help on poetry that they are studying in class for exams. 


In this first section you can find helpful links to BBC Bitesize for some of the poems you are doing in class.

Carol Ann Duffy
You can find materials to help you revise all of the poems that you are studying in classThe link below will take you to the main page in BBC Bitesize for Carol Ann Duffy's poems. On it pupils can find notes on the poems, tests to help them revise and some videos that may be of interest to them.


Liz Lochhead
Below you can find materials that pupils can you use to help them revise the poems that they are doing from Liz Lochhead. The link below will take you to the BBC 
Bitesize page for Liz Lochhead's poems. On the BBC Bitesize page you can find helpful tests to revise poems and look at notes that analyse the poems if you are unsure about anything.

Above is a poster with a quote from View of Scotland/Love Poem and also some of her tips for learning a poem for class or an exam.

* All posters used above are from the Scottish Poetry Library Website *

Scottish Poetry Library
One resource that students have available to them is the Scottish Poetry Library. You can use this website to find out about new poets and popular poems. Below are some links to different areas of the website that may be of interest to pupils.
  • Best Scottish Poems - Find out about some of the popular Scottish Poems from each year.
  • Our National Poet - Take a look and find out some information on Our National Poet.
  • Search For A Poem - Search for a poem that you know the name of and find out about the poet and have a look at the poem.
  • Search For A Poet - Search for a poet from choosing what the poets era was and if they are female or male and what language they write their poems in.


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