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The Library Catalogue

posted 12 Jun 2010, 05:57 by Carla Taylor   [ updated 6 Nov 2015, 12:31 ]
Here at Knox Academy we have a wide selection of books and it can sometimes be difficult to find the right book on a subject that you are researching or just a general book you want to read. You also have on offer some E-magazines for more information go to the ZINIO East Lothian's E-magazine Service and the Library PressDisplay page in the navigation bar.

The link below will take you to the website.

Below you can find some helpful tutorials on how to use the library catalogue. 

Above is a picture of the home page of the East Lothian Library Catalogue.

My Account

First, here is some information on the button the tab bar, My Account.

By clicking on My Account, you can access your library account. 

When you select My Account, you will be asked to enter your Borrower Number and your Library P.I.N.

When you login to the catalogue something like this will come up. At the top are different tabs that let you see different parts of your account. 

Loans: This tab lists all the items you are currently borrowing from the library.
Charges: From 16 + you will be charged BUT ONLY IN PUBLIC BRANCHES NO THE KNOX LIBRARY.
ReservationsLists all the items you have requested and are waiting for.
Bookings: No need to worry as it does not apply 
        Inter-library Loans:  S6 pupils only see Mr Plain for more information.
        Loan HistoryThis tab lists all the items you have previously borrowed. This tab also allows you to rate the items you have previously borrowed. This can be done by selecting the item and then simply going to the rated section and selecting how many stars you would rate this book at.
        Settings: In this settings section you can change your pin.

Searching and Reservations

The search box is at the top of every page of the catalogue. You can carry out a broad search or you can use Build Search to narrow your options down and be more specific. 

Type in what you are looking for and click on search.

The catalogue will search what is available in all East Lothian Libraries for you and display the findings on screen.
To reserve an item you must first click on: Check Availability.

This will take you to a screen showing all the libraries who have a copy of the item. If you are logged into your account you only need to click on Reserve, you can also select where you want to collect it from. It should automatically be set to Knox Academy if you are logged in to your school account. If you are not logged into your account then you will be asked to login then. 

Don't worry If something like a charge may apply as if you reserve the item through your school account and with collect at the Knox library then charge will not apply. However if you collect the item at a public branch the charge may apply. However if it just says to Reserve then no need to worry just continue as usual. 

My Lists

You can save your favourite author's books and items for project work in My Lists
They help you to keep track of items you have used for projects and also for items that you might like to borrow at a later date. 

For this you do need to be logged into My Account to set up your lists.

To start a list you need to begin a search on a topic or for an author's books. I'm using a search on dinosaurs as a demonstration for you. 

You will see the red button on the right hand side of the screen, Save. You click this to begin saving your list. 

When you select the Save button you will be prompted to name your list. Once you have given your list a name select Save

Your first item is automatically saved to your list. Click on save for any other items you wish to add to your list. 

If you have more than one list you will need to specify which list you want to add the item to. 

If you have any questions about The Library Catalogue please complete the form below and I will get back to you with an reply.