The Girl Savage

posted 29 May 2017, 03:58 by W Plain
Title: The Girl Savage
Author: Katherine Rundell
Plot: A girl called Will was forced from her home in Zimbabwe after her father unfortunately died of Malaria and Cynthia Vincy made her get on a plane and go to a school in England. When she got there she was bullied by the other girls at Leewood, her school. She ran away from Leewood and slept in the monkey enclosure at the zoo. She was sleeping rough in the streets until she found the note in her pocket with Daniels address on it and then bought a map with the little money she had and went to Daniels house. She slept in his garage until his gran found out and sent her back to Leewood were she then made friends with all the other girls there.
Liked About The Book: the Zimbabwean words. They are VERY hard to pronounce.
Would You Recommend This Book To Others: if you are up to a challenge and you feel you can understand hard words in another language then yes.
Rating: 3/5