The Girl Savage

posted 29 May 2017, 03:55 by W Plain
Title: The Girl Savage
Author: Katherine Rundell
Plot: Will had lived in Africa all her life until her father died and she was send off to a school in England. She got there and was bullied by the other girls so she ran away. The first night she snuck into a zoo and slept in the monkey enclosure. She then slept on the streets until she found a note in her pocket with an address on it. She went to the address and got help from the boy who lived there. She slept in his garage until his gran found her. Her gran told her she would have to go back to the school so Will did.
Would You Recommend This Book To Others: I wouldn't recommend this book to others because it's very hard to get into as the first hundred pages are very boring. It's also quite hard to follow because there are a lot of the words are African.
Rating: 2/5